When Google Maps left users high and dry, and nowhere to go!

The Google Maps outage came as a major blow to all those depending on the app

Overdependence on technology for getting even the simplest of tasks done could be a problem. This was demonstrated on Friday, when the Google Maps server crashed. The world slammed into a major hassle when it happened, forcing weekend travellers around the globe scurrying for the right routes to their destinations.

The Google Maps outage came as a major blow to all those depending on the app. As travellers scurried for ways out, the issue also triggered a slew of memes on social media.

Netizens hopped on to social media space, particularly Twitter to know what had actually happened with Google Maps. And as a parallel way of pointing out the issues created due to the outage, many gave shape to a barrage of fun stuff, which actually were statements of the times we live in.  It was as if the people solely depended on the app in their daily lives.

Google Maps outage worldwide

It all happened on Friday evening, and subsequently affected maps services across the US, Canada, various parts in Europe, India, Australia, and other countries were affected. Complications rose as soon as the errant app started showing rerouting messages.

Many other found that the maps, which were on, suddenly went blank. This being a massive outage in recent times, Google Maps was cursed and complained against on Twitter through the medium of memes.

Though Google had fixed it without too much delay, Google Maps fanatics were so angry that the app let them down in the midst of crucial weekend trips. Though many had wanted to know from Google on what actually happened, a clarification was not put out by the company. All it did was that it acknowledged the issue with a notification on the Google Maps platform status dashboard, that said services had been impacted.

Memes galore on Twitter

The Twitter meme fest, however, continued. Take a look at a bunch of them below:

Funny memes, right? Ah, this is what happens when a trusted tech assistant leaves you in the lurch.

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