Meghalaya Governor takes on Centre again; warns not to mess with farmers

Satya Pal Malik, the Meghalaya Governor, has warned the Modi government that if it messes with farmers’ concerns, they could resort to violence

He has earlier too lashed out at the Prime Minister Narendra Modi on various occasions. Meghalaya Governor Satya Pal Malik has found himself on headline space has been critical of the Union government’s farm laws, which were repealed later, and he seems to be continuing with his attack on Narendra Modi and his government. The latest is that he has send out a warning to the Union government not to mess with farmers.

Malik has informed the government that if it messes with the farmers’ concerns, chances are that they would even resort to violence in a bid to achieve what they look for.

The Meghalaya Governor has been quoted by a media report saying that he would want to send out an advice to New Delhi that it “should not mess with farmers, they are dangerous people. Farmers will get what they want, either through talks or fight. If needed, they will get violent and achieve what they want.”

Meghalaya Governor tells Centre to keep promise made to farmers

He has also called upon the Union government to keep its promise made to farmers. It was after the Centre’s assurance that they had called off their year-long agitation in December last year. The government, it may be recalled, had assured the farmers that the farm laws were being repealed.

The agriculturists should not be pinned down, he said. As they are well aware of means to get what they seek, they will even resume their protests if the Union government fails to keep its promise made to them.  Satya Pal Malik went on to charge Prime Minister Modi with being arrogant when he had met the PM to talk about the farmers’ issue. The Meghalaya Governor has also been quoted saying that Union Home Minister had also been critical of the PM, and he had even told Malik that Modi ‘has lost his mind.’

Malik critical of Prime Minister Modi

Proclaiming that he is able to take on Modi and the Centre on the farmers’ issue because he still lives in a one-and-half room Delhi house, Satya Pal Malik also said that he could lose his post for bringing up the farmers’ issues. However, he was not afraid of being thrown out of Governorship for talking on behalf of the farmers.

The Meghalaya governor, however, clarified that he does not have any ‘enmity’ with the Centre. “I live, that is why I am able to take on PM Modi over the farmers’ issue,” he said.

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