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Efforts progress towards making Kerala agri-sector carbon-neutral

The state is drawing up a master plan for carbon-neutral agriculture

With the globe thinking green in a bid to keep carbon emissions minimal and to help the planet live on, India too has pledged support to the initiatives towards this end. It has been found that the agriculture sector accounts for 15 per cent of the total emissions in India.

Taking these efforts one step forward, Kerala is drawing up a master plan on bringing into reality carbon-neutral farming in the state. Confirming this, P Prasad, the Minister for Agriculture in the state, stated that the master plan is being readied and will be finalised soon.

The Department of Agriculture has already organised an event with the theme of ‘Carbon-neutral agriculture in Kerala’ in a bid to seek suggestions from the general public, so as to be included in drafting the master plan.

Carbon-neutral farming to help soil, air, water

The minister also underscored the need to effectively revamp the agriculture sector and its functioning in such a way that carbon emissions could be reduced as far as possible. The need for achieving carbon neutrality by way of providing importance to soil health and climate is also being taken up for serious consideration. This comes as a follow up to realisation that farming practices that take the unscientific route have been adding to greenhouse gas emissions.

In a bid to take the Agriculture department’s efforts at achieving carbon neutrality, the state will meet with farming experts from across Kerala next month. The state will also keenly observe and study the natural farming practices undertaken by the farmers of Andhra Pradesh, so that such models shall also be adopted. Natural farming makes sure that nutrients required by plants are available in adequate quantities in the soil, air, and water.

India efforts need further push

Though the country’s agriculture sector accounts for 15 percent of the carbon emissions, this need not be seen as alarming if compared with the global average. However, experts feel that it would be great move if India could push itself further and make the farming sector totally free of carbon-emissions.

Such efforts would also need a strategy that would help balance the livelihood aspects of agriculture and reduction in emissions. Kerala’s efforts aimed at achieving carbon-neutral farming could take the state way forward in its efforts at cutting down on emissions.

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