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Is Aryan Khan ‘The Red Herring’ of the NCB for the Rs 21, 000 crores drug haul at Adani’s Port?

Opium has always been a political weapon that has been used by big powers in history. One wonders why is the Adani Port drug case being brushed under the rug?

The Taliban was firmly entrenched in Afghanistan; it was only a short wait before the NCB and DRI would get their hand on a big bounty. However, what intrigues me most is that the drugs were recovered from a port owned by Gautam Adani. Gautam Adani, whose meteoric rise in fame and fortune coincides with the rise of Narendra Damodar Das Modi from a small RSS pracharak to the Chief Minister of Gujarat and to the highest office of the land.

Coming back to the seizure of Rs 21, 000 crores drug haul, it has virtually disappeared from the nation’s psyches and now it is Aryan Khan and his bail application. I scoured through the newspapers of the past few days and I could not find any news related to the drug haul and it is only Aryan Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Aryan Khan’s diet, what he gets from the Jail canteen.

There is still news apart from Aryan Khan

All the news is meticulously churned out for consumption by the naïve or seemingly naïve public. The question still remains –Who was to receive the Rs 21, 000 crores drug consignment? Who were the recipients based in Vijaywada who ordered the consignment purportedly as talcum powder? Or is poor Aryan Khan the NCB’s Red Herring?

A strange coincidence always happened when things became tough for the Modi Government and an incident that stays in the media for a long, a red herring that effectively erases the more precious issues with seemingly trivial ones. When the Anti-CAA movement was at its zenith, Sushant Singh Rajput suicide happened and the debate about the bill was pushed in the background.

Rs 21, 000 crores drug consignment is not a small amount. It involves big money and it is unclear who the final beneficiary will be. Opium has always been a political weapon that has been used by big powers. When the British wanted Tea, China wanted Silver in return for the Tea it will be exporting.

However, the Englishman had better ideas and substituted silver with Opium. The rest they say is history. Again when the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan, the Mujahideen bankrolled their insurgency with money earned from drugs. Today, the Taliban despite its denial is once again into the opium business.

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