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PCB staffers in Chennai take ECOmmute route to snip pollution

The pollution control board has urged all in the Tamil Nadu capital to opt for public transport every Wednesday

Rising pollution level is a scary phenomenon in every city that has tens of thousands of carbon dioxide emitting vehicles on its roads. In a bid to curb emission levels and thereby clean up the air, the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board has come up with the idea of promoting mobility that doesn’t harm the environment.

As part of this, people have been urged to either walk, or use bicycles or public transport on certain days so that cars and other vehicles would stay off the roads. Taking this initiative in all its spirit are the employees of the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board in the capital city of Chennai.

Opt to walk, cycle or use public transport

The Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board (TNPCB) has urged Chennai’s citizens to avoid taking out their vehicles and instead commute by walk, cycle, or public transport. The initiative, christened ECOmmute, is being brought into force on every Wednesday.

Though the TNPCB has made it known that they are aware that keeping carbon emitting vehicles off the road for a single day per week would not make much of a difference, the board officials believe that the initiative would at least create an awareness among the general public about the need to cut down pollution.

The plan is to make people aware and also help in keeping the capital city clean and green. As per the plan, the Wednesday ECOmmute Day will look toward people who travel to their offices in various parts of the city to adhere to the green initiative.

PCB shows the way

TNPCB employees including the board’s field staffers are part of this initiative as they have made it a point to come to office using public transport on Wednesdays.

Apart from the TNPCB employees, a few district collectors have also taken up the ECOmmute plan seriously and have begun using public transport. Some of them have started cycling to office. It is likely that students and others too might also volunteer to be part of the initiative towards curbing pollution.

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