A venture into innovative orthopaedic treatment through regenerative medicine & robotics

Traversing the Road Less Taken: A Venture into Innovative Orthopedic Treatment through Regenerative Medicine.

Regenerative medicine and innovative surgical techniques are gradually making inroads into India, thanks to torchbearers like Dr. Althaaf Mohamed A.H., whose efforts are now globally lauded. Dr. Althaaf Mohamed, is an accomplished name in the field of orthopaedic surgery, with specialization in sports medicine and joint replacement surgeries. Being an expert in his domain, Dr. Althaaf now has his cards placed out for something bigger, something the country had not yet seen.

Dr. Althaaf Mohamed A.H. is a consultant Arthroplasty and Arthroscopy Surgeon and currently the CEO and Medical Director of a reputed Orthopedics Hospital and Managing Director of Surecell in India.

Surecell is an international brand in regenerative medicine, having branches all over the world like in Thailand, China, Bangladesh and Australia. Its his vision, on innovative treatments, that helped introduce Surecell in India. Having added many feathers to his hat, Dr Althaaf has plans to set up specialized orthopaedic centres and referral centres in all Indian major cities. These speciality centres would be equipped with ultra-modern facilities that would make use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic technology. This ensures lesser number of hospital staff, and lesser hospital stays there by reducing unnecessary human contacts during the treatments.

The first centre has already been set up in Kerala and a second centre is coming up with world-class facilities. A few other centres have also been finalized in other parts of the country. Dr. Althaaf has stepped into less tested waters with a long term vision in mind that is to bridge the gap between general orthopaedic treatments and specialized or surgical orthopaedics. Regenerative medicines, he believes, would soon become a new normal, as they go one step ahead than just relying on medicines or surgery.

A major advantage of regenerative medicine is that a patient who normally goes for a joint replacement surgery or any major surgery can get cured without entering the operation theatre, additionally, they will not have to rely on the painkillers. Surecell being the pioneers of regenerative medicine worldwide has its special technology to activate stem cells and platelets to release growth factors, which can regenerate and initiate repair Immediately, unlike other methods.

The veteran orthopaedic is keen on further improvement of this technology that would make Surecell a go-to option for all orthopaedic problems. These centers are well equipped to harvest stemcells and platelets from patients own body. This technically advanced centers ensures that patients walk back to life immediately without any need for bed rest or immobilization. Moreover, utilizing patients own cells ensures that there is no risk of side effects . The cost of establishing a hospitals under this domain is very minimal compared to traditional healthcare facilities, since the effective use of AI and Robotics would bring down the need for excessive HR requirements and finally helping in earlier ROI.

This will also reduce the cost of treatment and ensure that patients have everything covered in one place. It would add to their convenience during treatments, as regenerative medicine coupled with advanced orthopaedics ensures a more natural and healthier way of curing ailments.

A unique blend of regenerative medicine, AI and robotics would make a significant impact in the field of medicine in India by revolutionizing the concept of healthcare particularly in the context of orthopedics. This would come as a welcome change for the patients looking for a comfortable yet affordable treatment option.

With the rising patient load on the country’s hospitals due to ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, general-orthopaedics has suffered a setback. Moreover, many patients with serious ailments are hesitant to undergo treatment in general hospitals for the fear of getting infected. The speciality orthopaedic centre, the brainchild of Dr. Althaaf, With its fully automated facilities, patients would be warm to the idea of undergoing orthopaedic treatment even in a pandemic scenario. New state of the art hospitals using the latest technology, along with centres for regenerative medicine, Dr Althaaf is confident that India would get a new lease of life. In a country where healthcare infrastructure is in an abject state, we hope Dr. Althaaf’s vision transforms into a ground reality sooner as it would benefit thousands of potential patients.

For more information contact Dr Althaaf at [email protected] OR Visit www.dralthaaf.com

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