Actor Suriya shuts down Tamil Nadu BJP leader’s Jai Bhim tweet with a ‘Like’

Suriya’s ‘Like’ for H. Raja’s tweet against Jai Bhim is seen by many as a mature statement.

Jai Bhim, starring Tamil actor Suriya, is a raging hit. The film which was released on Amazon Prime Video on November 2 is in the midst of applause, with raving reviews being written for it.

However, not everyone is applauding the flick. Picking on the film’s release in five languages, Tamil Nadu BJP leader H Raja has come out with an attack on the film and its lead actor.

Calling Suriya ‘selfish’ for releasing the movie in five languages, Raja ridiculed the movie’s release in various languages by a ‘person who is against the state’s children learning three languages’. He tweeted this:

“The person who says that our children shouldn’t study three languages (under NEP) will release his movie (Jai Bhim) in five languages. Let’s understand the selfish lot.”

Raja’s reference was to Suriya’s 2019 stance against the Union Government’s Draft National Education Policy (NEP). He had then slammed the draft policy, stating that some of the provisions in the policy would prove to be a disadvantage to students from rural areas.

Jai Bhim ridicule by Raja sees a twist

The twist came soon after. Though the whole legion of Suriya fans thought and looked forward to a befitting reply by their idol, the actor sought to put an end to the issue by just ‘liking’ Raja’s tweet.

The ‘Like’ that Suriya posted under Raja’s tweet is seen as a mature statement. Suriya’s ‘Like’ for H Raja’s tweet captured hearts for such maturity displayed by the actor in these troubled times.

Many have tweeted since, in appreciation of Jai Bhim and Suriya. One of the tweets that followed read thus:

“Sir, nobody is forcing you to watch the movie. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. Can you say the same thing to students who are asked to study three languages?”

Another went thus:

The Tamil Nadu BJP leader’s tweet was seen by many as well off the mark and unnecessary. The film, in the meanwhile, is continuing its gala run on Prime Video, with hundreds of people across the country watching it every passing day.

Jai Bhim: A film of our times, a must watch

Such is the lure of the flick which has delved into one of the most critical topics Tamil Nadu and the rest of India have been experiencing these days.

Based on a case handled by retired Madras High Court Judge K Chandru while he was a lawyer, the film deals with the ever-burning issue of caste oppression and the fight to tide over the odds.

Suriya, who has produced the film along with his wife Jothika, plays the lawyer who stands up for the oppressed. Jai Bhim, written and directed by T J Gnanavel, has stellar performances from actors Liji Mol Jose, K Manikandan, Suriya, Prakash Raj and Rajisha Vijayan.

The film, no doubt, is a must-watch.

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