Bhansali all set to show us Gangubhai Kathiawadi: Will the film justify the wait?

Gangubhai Kathiawadi making it to the Berlin International Film Festival has triggered anticipation in good measure

Sanjay Leela Bhansali, who had earlier made a bunch of flicks on extremely extravagant canvases, is back with yet another tale that promises to lure audiences back to cinema halls. Though not all Bhansali movies can claim to have had classy perfection as a central aspect, he has managed to make a name in the Bollywood scheme of things through his extravagant way of telling stories.

This time around it is Gangubhai Kathiawadi that is being termed as the Bhansali opus. Earlier films directed by Bhansali had gone too much into being a spectacle with garish set designs and costumes. The plot used to be just an also-ran in most of the stories he had narrated in between showcasing the extravagant sets.

Gangubhai Kathiawadi could be a deviation from this habit of his, though. Backed by a strong story, the new film has Alia Bhatt playing the central character. Sadly, though, the trailer isn’t promising in any way. But the fact that the film has made it to the 72nd Berlin International Film Festival, with a premiere scheduled for February 18, 2022, triggers anticipation in good measure.

Gangubai Kathiawadi is the only Indian film selected for Berlin

Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Gangubai Kathiawadi, the only Indian film selected this year to screen at the Berlinale 2022, could bring to the audiences much to look out for. Listed as part of the Berlinale Special Gala, which is a segment dedicated to showcase exemplary cinema, Bhansali’s latest venture need not be written off.

Yet another significance is that the Berlin festival this time around would be an in-person event, which will have celebrities and cinema enthusiasts flock the event. After the lull forced upon the industry by the COVID-19 situation, having a film screened in front of audiences will be something Bhansali would be proud of.

The fact that the film is a biopic adds to all the charm it has brought to the fore. The story of Gangubai Kathiawadi, a sex worker who becomes an underworld don in Mumbai’s Kamathipura, has a wide canvas. With Bhansali at the helm of affairs, the larger than life sets and backdrop are sure to captivate.

Official trailer of Gangubai Kathiawadi

All eyes on Alia Bhatt

Playing Gangubhai is Alia Bhatt, whose performance will be closely scrutinized. Her portrayal, if it is beyond what is expected, will be one major element that would spur audiences to theatres. The film also has Ajay Devgn in a very important role.

The story has been held close to heart by Bhansali and that has made him make a film out of it. Now with the film making it to the Berlin International Film Festival, film enthusiasts in India will sure anticipate some top class acts by its performers and the director for sure.

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