Ambassador of League of Arab States Applauds ICJ Order and International Support for Palestine

Ambassador calls for global solidarity and continued advocacy for Palestinian rights, commending recent decisions by Spain, Norway, Ireland, and India's longstanding support.

H.E. Yusuf Mohammed Jameel Welcomes ICJ’s Demand for Israel to Cease Atrocities and Recognition of Palestinian State by European Nations

His Excellency Yusuf Mohammed Jameel, The Ambassador of League of Arab States in New Delhi warmly welcomes the recent order issued by the International Court of Justice (ICJ), demanding that Israel immediately cease its atrocities in Rafah, State of Palestine. This decisive order by the ICJ underscores the urgent need to uphold international law and protect the fundamental human rights of the Palestinian people.

The ICJ’s order represents a significant step towards justice and accountability, and we call upon the international community to ensure that Israel complies fully with this directive. It is imperative that the cycle of violence and oppression is halted, and that the rights and dignity of the Palestinian people are respected.

In addition to this landmark order from the ICJ, also League of Arab States warmly welcomes the recent decision by threeEuropean countries – Spain, Norway and Ireland to officially recognize the State of Palestine as total number of countries recognizing state of Palestine reaches to 147 Countries around the globe. This courageous and principled stance by these nations not only affirms the legitimate aspirations of the Palestinian people for statehood and self-determination but also contributes to the broader efforts towards achieving a just and lasting peace in the region.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to these European nations for their recognition of State of Palestine, which marks a pivotal moment in the international community’s support for Palestinian sovereignty.

This recognition aligns with the growing global consensus that the establishment of an independent and viable Palestinian state is essential for the resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Furthermore, the League of Arab States wishes to commend India for being one of the first Non-Arab countries to recognize the State of Palestine in November 1988. India’s longstanding support and solidarity with the Palestinian cause have been exemplary, reflecting its commitment to justice, peace, and the principles of international law. This early recognition by India has played a crucial role in bolstering the legitimacy of the Palestinian struggle for independence and self-determination.

His Excellency Yusuf Mohammed Jameel, reiterates his unwavering support for the Palestinian cause and calls upon all nations tofollow the example of recognition set by these three European countries.

We urge continued international solidarity and action to bring about an end to the occupation. We remain committed to advocating for the rights of the Palestinian people.

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