King of Punjabi pop Daler Mehndi makes first metaverse real estate purchase in India

Daler Mehndi has bought a Metaverse property in the virtual world and named it Balle Balle Land.

One thing that is constantly evolving in this Covid-affected world is Metaverse. It has transformed itself into a new dimension holding aloft a variety of causes. There are many a terrain unexplored too, and the constant evolution of Metaverse could throw up novel ideas and platforms in the long term.

People across the world have been getting used to the digital wat of living and Metaverse provides a perfect avenue in this regard. We have been seeing celebrities in Hollywood, global music idols and more creating their own niche avatars.

The Indian scene is also getting vibrant when it comes to Metaverse aspects. Daler Mehndi, the king of Punjabi pop, has bought a Metaverse property in the virtual world.

Daler Mehndi calls his Metaverse space Balle Balle Land

He has named it ‘Balle Balle Land’ (BBL). Balle Balle Land incidentally is officially the first metaverse real estate purchase in India.  Isn’t that awesome?

Daler inaugurated his Balle Balle Land on the occasion of Holi, the festival of colours. He also went ahead and hopped on to his Metaverse universe and did a virtual ‘Party Nite’. The gig was significant and entertaining as the overall concept and execution of the event came around as a fascination for Daler Mehndi.

With Balle Balle Land now part of the Daler Mehndi profile, the pop star believes that a Meta gig has immense potential and could be a highly rewarding experience. He has been quoted saying that ‘sky’s the limit with Metaverse’.

Party Nite virtual gig on Balle Balle Land

Party Nite, Daler’s virtual gig on Balle Balle Land was conceptualised by Rajat Ojha, who believes that the first movers make history at a time tech adoption is in its infancy. That is exactly what Daler Mehndi has done at the moment, and it has all the potential to carve a niche in the Metaverse’s history of Indian music.

Metaverse is indeed evolving. Virtual platforms have accorded space for work and leisure. And the party would go on, with more people and organisations seeking to get a hold of their virtual spaces in the Metaverse universe.

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