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Unified Brainz is resolute in presenting and celebrating the exemplary careers of some of the most stalwart personalities whose fortitude, assiduousness and willpower have made them claim the highest level of glory. This year again, we are proud to present one more limited edition of the unique dark mode Coffee Table Book, “Who’s Who of The Industry”, which is marked in the World Book of Records, London, where we have handpicked the success stories of individuals who have made an inedible mark in their respective industries and emerged as victorious leaders.

The beautiful Himalayan kingdom of Nepal is known for many things,  but ‘manufacturing’ isn’t one of them, a fact that rattled Dr. Aashish Sharma ever since he was a young boy. “During my educational journey, I realised that everything we are known for is not made by us, it’s bestowed to us. This is a pending calamity, waiting to strike.”

This realisation is what propelled young Aashish to action. Journeying into the unknown… he took a risk, experimented day in and day out, worked out new policies in a conservative and traditional economy – and came up with Singapore Beverages Nepal Pvt. Ltd. in 2017, which has since emerged as a symbol of Nepal’s quality production.

The largest soft beverage manufacturer of the country today, Singapore Beverages produces a long list of popular drinks such as – Jeeru, Club soda, Mountain dew, Club cola, London dry , Fancy, Right, Nimbu pani, Naturals, and Fruit gems. Their innovative products have created an international demand and their drinks are now available in the UK, USA, Australia, and other overseas territories.

“This is just the beginning. We are actively involved in mining, distribution, farming, and other industries too.

25 years ago, Nepal was importing vehicles, as was India. We are still doing the same while India has grown to massive heights. One generation has to sacrifice, one generation has to give up on small benefits, for the greater good. I want to be that generation. It’s not a one-man job, but if like minded people come together, we can create a nation of sustenance and sound economy. And thus, we are always working to achieve the change the country needs.”

Coming from the remote town of Bhadrapur, Aashish first moved to

Kathmandu to complete his undergraduation from the South Asian

Institute of Management, and then to Dubai for Masters in

International Business from the University of Wollongong.

Upon his return, he took the first step to start the company, only to be met with the remark – ‘You are an idiot to compete with the multinationals’. “Which was true! I started working in the family tea business at the age of 16, but I had no knowledge about the beverage industry. Each and every effort put thereafter was a risk. Every new thing we did, every step we took, every dogma we refused, led to what we are today.”

Aashish’s passion has helped put Nepal on the global map. Not only does Singapore Beverages support the Nepalese economy and highlight Nepal’s name in the international forum, but it also generates jobs for locals. “I’m passionate about creating new products, exploring possibilities, and more importantly, challenging set mindsets. The most important thing is change, which is inevitable. The faster we realise it, the better for us. Which is why I like to hand deliver it to people. I want to drive the wheel of change towards sustainable development.”

His sharp business acumen and commitment to excellence has seen Aashish receive various honours in his personal capacity as well as the Managing Director of Singapore Beverages. Some of these include:

  • Awarded Professional Doctorate in International Business & Marketing by European International University (EIU), Paris
  • Young Entrepreneur Award
  • Fame Times International Excellence Award
  • Emerging Company Award by Indian Achievers Forum
  • Global Brands and Leaders 2021
  • Top 10 Unstoppable Leaders 2022 by Forbes India
  • World Book of Records, UK recognized and facilitated him with a world record.

Always the hardest worker in a room, Aashish has emerged as an inspiring Leader, Mentor and Teacher for Generation Next. Leaving a message for all the youngsters out there, he says: “Inspiration can be found anywhere. Most of the time, the smallest idea can lead to the biggest achievement. What is important is that you genuinely believe in it and put uncompromised efforts. To know more about Dr. Aashish, check https://whoswho.world/ or to nominate email, [email protected]

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