Stormy winter session on cards in Indian Parliament

The BJP is gearing up to take on Mamata Banerjee, a difficult opponent.

Both the opposition and the ruling BJP party are making preparation for the winter session of the Parliament, which is sure to be a stormy one. The entry of Mamata Banerjee has made the political scene very acute.

The last session of the Parliament was lost to the Pegasus Scandal and the Supreme Court of the country had appointed an expert committee on the issue. The Congress has said that it will wait for the results of the committee.

The Farm Bills and the Lakhimpur killings will also figure prominently.

BJP faces formidable foe in the form of Mamata Banerjee

The BJP is readying itself to face a formidable foe in the form of Mamata Banerjee. However, it will have to be seen how she can become a beacon around which all the splintered opposition parties unite.

As of now, both Mamata and the Congress are on divergent paths. It was the issue of Sonia Gandhi which caused Mamata Banerjee and Sharad Pawar to split from the Congress. Therefore, a chance of both joining hands with the Congress to pose a challenge to the BJP is very remote.

Farm laws and consequent controversy will again haunt BJP

For the BJP, the going will not be easy. Having withdrawn the farm bills, the death of 700 farmers and the Lakhimpur killings will surely come back to haunt it. The opposition will join hands and add support to the Kisan Morcha demand that MoS for Home Affairs should step down, owning moral responsibility for the Lakhimpur killings.

The ruling party on its own has called an All-Party meeting on November 28 to hammer out a compromise formula which will not once again lead to the same fate as the last session of the Parliament.

The session will be a stormy one also because two ordinances have been promulgated just 15 days before the winter session of the Parliament is scheduled to start. These are the Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Ordinance and two other ordinances which seek to extend the terms of CBI and Vigilance heads by five years.

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