Goa tops Mamata Banerjee’s wish list; Will she pull it off?

TMC fate in Goa would help Mamata Banerjee decide on building new strategies to thwart the BJP-led Govt at the Centre

Didi is at it again. She has been doing this for a long time, but little does she realise that no one on the other side is listening! Whatever be the response from the other Opposition parties, West Bengal Chief Minister and Trinamool Congress supremo Mamata Banerjee mean well.

Defeating the BJP is prime on Mamata Banerjee’s wish list. And, for sure, thousands of people across the country do wish she would get the opportunity to lead the other political parties in getting rid of the BJP rule in the country. But then, are things what they look like in the political terrain?

Mamata Banerjee hopes Opposition parties would stand by her

The Opposition, as every impartial individual in the country would agree, is in a shambles. Every political party other than those that are part of the NDA alliance in power at the Centre wish to see the BJP go. They have been trying hard too. But then, what India needs now is a combined Opposition, with similar thoughts and beliefs and of course actions. Sadly, the Opposition is divided on all counts.

Mamata Banerjee’s maiden visit to Goa ahead of the polls in the state has much importance. Goa is already a BJP mascot and a popular one at that. If she succeeds in uprooting the BJP behemoth in the tiny state, it would be a great win for not just her, but the parties who toil to see the BJP’s exit.

Ahead of Mamata’s maiden visit to Goa, the TMC supremo called upon the anti-BJP political parties to strive towards joining hands so that they call an end to the divisive BJP. The West Bengal CM will begin her two-day tour of Goa on October 28 with a clear-cut plan to do well in the upcoming elections in the state. And she has exhorted all individuals, organisations and political parties to defeat the BJP and what she called “its divisive agenda”.

Goa could be a start if her call finds takers. It isn’t a myth that many political parties think on the TMC lines when it comes to ousting the BJP from power, in Goa as well as at the Centre. But the problem is that no one would want to commit themselves and be part of a combined Opposition. The fear of losing a leadership position in the event of forming a unified Opposition haunts them.

Promising Goa a new dawn

With the West Bengal elections proving that Mamata’s charisma could win seats, the TMC leader is looking at Goa in a similar way. Promising “Gonychi Navi Sakal” which translates as “A New Dawn for Goa”, Mamata Banerjee is serious about TMC’s ascent to power in Goa. If that happens, she wouldn’t just be leading a regional party, but one with a national presence.

She has on her agenda Goa and Tripura as the first step toward making TMC a national party. Both these states are ruled by BJP governments too. So, winning in these states with a major BJP presence would be a dream come true for Mamata Banerjee. In West Bengal, she has already shown BJP who the boss is.

Mamata Banerjee is serious about Goa and that is evident from the fact that she had brought in Luizinho Faleiro, a former chief minister of Goa and seven-time MLA of the Congress, into the TMC fold. And, a few hours ago, she even elevated Faleiro to the position of national vice-president.

Didi wants Goa by all means. And, she is determined to take it. But will that turn true is a tough question to answer. She hopes the Opposition parties would stand by her as she intends to build her national presence brick by brick and lead the anti-NDA combine to thwart the Modi-Shah stronghold.

Even as she hopes for support from other parties to make it possible, she needs to realise that Arvind Kejriwal’s AAP is a contender in Goa this time around. With 40 Assembly seats to be contested, she would have to make much stronger efforts than just pasting pictures of her face all across Goan terrain. The elections are due early next year, and she has ample time to rally like-minded parties to give her plan a push. All said the fate of the TMC in Goa would prove big for Mamata Banerjee as she would want to build new strategies to thwart the BJP-led Govt at the Centre.

Sanjeev Ramachandran

A journalist with 23 years of experience, Sanjeev has worked with reputed media houses such as Business Standard, The Ne More »
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