Why India must not be part of the USA-UK-Australia anti-China alliance

The next century belongs to Asia; and India and China need to know they are partners, and not adversaries.

At the height of Cold War, the US and Pakistan were inseparable allies. When the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan, Pakistan became an ally of Uncle Sam and the Mujahedeens were trained and sent to fight the Soviets from Pakistan.

The disintegration of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold war had led to a sharp deterioration of ties between the US and Pakistan. Later on, Pakistan used the resources it obtained from the US to foment trouble in Indian-administered Kashmir.

It also started what was later known as ‘bleeding India through a thousand cuts’ and launched scores of terror networks in India. Repeated pleas from India to the West about the dangers of terrorism were brushed aside.

It was only after the terror reached the US shores and culminated in the September 11 World Trade Center attacks did the West realize that terror organizations have became a menace and that they needed to be curtailed. Thus started the war on terror, and led to the invasion of Afghanistan. Twenty years hence, nothing has changed. Taliban is back in power in Afghanistan.

Terror reached the US shores and culminated in the September 11 World Trade Center attacks

However, the US and its allies now have to be wary of a new power, in the form of China. It is the start of another Cold War, and the West has started wowing India to counterbalance China. It is in the interest of India to maintain friendly relations with China and not to fall in the trap of Western powers.

China is also initiating the One Belt One Road initiative and many Third World countries have joined this initiative.

The next century belongs to Asia, and India and China need to realize they are partners and not adversaries. It is in the Asian continent’s interest that India and China need to remain as partners.

Manoj Nair

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