Bonhomie going down the drain is an obvious poll politics trait

No room for lasting camaraderie in poll politics; Kejriwal and Mamata know that well

There is no long-lasting or permanent bonhomie in politics. We saw that turning true when Trinamool Congress supremo and West Bengal Chief Minister distanced herself away from the Congress with just a swipe last month.

Mamata and Sonia Gandhi had shared great camaraderie till recently. But last time, when the Trinamool Congress boss visited New Delhi, she made it a point to skip a meeting with Sonia. She even went on record asking: Is it mandatory that I should meet Sonia Gandhi every time I come to Delhi?

Sonia and Mamata had shared excellent rapport, and Indian voters who were averse to a continuous Modi regime had seen some hope blossoming. They had expected TMC and the Congress coming together with like-minded parties to take on the BJP in the next elections.

Mamata, however, distanced herself away from the Congress, and even went on to make it a point that an alliance without Congress support could be possible going forward.

Similar is the plight of Arvind Kejriwal. The Aam Aadmi Party top honcho and Mamata had been sharing a good relationship all these years. She was always there as a moral support when Kejriwal took out protest measures against Narendra Modi and the BJP. He had reciprocated too, in equal measure.

Camaraderie out, poll politics rivalry in

However, when it comes to Goa, everything seems to have changed. Kejriwal, who visited Goa in the run up to the upcoming Assembly polls, has lashed out at the Trinamool Congress, saying that Mamata’s party doesn’t have a chance in Goa.

Addressing media persons in Goa, Kejriwal went to the extent of saying that a lot of importance is unnecessarily given to TMC. According to him, the Trinamool Congress doesn’t have even a 1 percent vote share as of now in the state. Mamata’s party doesn’t stand anywhere in the race, said Kejriwal, and he conveyed this feeling and belief of his to the journalists in the state.

What makes Kejriwal’s statement extraordinary is the erstwhile bonhomie he and Mamata had been sharing. It was only a few weeks ago, Kejriwal addressed Mamata as his ‘elder sister’.

Kejriwal takes on ‘elder sister’ Mamata in Goa

At one of the public platforms, the AAP leader had also said that if ‘elder sister’ Mamata slaps him or fights polls against him, he would only continue respecting her.

Kejriwal had also said that he has the least concern over who would be the leader of an Opposition force against the BJP-led NDA. All his concern was how India would benefit, he had said.

Now with the Goa election scene heating up, Kejriwal has pitted his Aam Aadmi Party against ‘elder sister’ Mamata’s Trinamool Congress.

Considering that Mamata Banerjee has always been fond of Kejriwal’s style of taking on the BJP, and that she has always stood by him, the latest Kejriwal move comes as fascinatingly amusing. Earlier, we had even seen Mamata and Kejriwal sharing stage space while going about speaking at election rallies of both TMC and AAP. Things have changed, and how!

Goa likely to throw up more interesting scenes

So, with the Goa poll scene getting interesting by the day, it needs to be seen how four parties – BJP, Congress, AAP and Trinamool Congress – would take on each other. Elder sister or not, rival parties don’t see to eye when polling day approaches.

Kejriwal knows well that no bonhomie is going to better his chances, and he is bent on beating the TMC in Goa. The Congress and the BJP are formidable forces, and the AAP boss wants to beat them too with promises and some good oratory skills. Mamata will be seen trying to better him at that.

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