A target of planting 30 crore trees in a week in UP: Yogi Adityanath

A target of planting 30 crore trees in a week has been set by undertaking a massive tree plantation campaign,” said Yogi Adityanath

Uttar Pradesh, India Under Mission Vriksharopan 2021 and the Van Mahotsav campaign, the Uttar Pradesh government set a goal of planting 25 crore saplings per day and 30 crore seedlings per week starting July 1 in a massive plantation push.

“Hearty congratulations to all of you on the ‘Van Mahotsav Week’ that started from today,” Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath tweeted on Thursday.

He added, “A target of planting 30 crore trees in a week has been set by undertaking a massive tree plantation campaign. Let us all be a part of the tree plantation campaign to keep the state green to protect the environment.”

Mr Yogi said the ‘Van Mahotsav program’ is not limited to planting only one tree, but it is an occasion to understand the responsibility of all of us towards nature and the environment. “Join the virtuous campaign to preserve trees above 100 years of age as ‘Heritage Trees’ in Uttar Pradesh,” he further said.

The UP chief minister Yogi Adityanath said that the government has set a target of planting 25 crore trees on a single day on 4th July 2021, and during this entire campaign, it will reach the target of planting 30 crore trees.

He appealed people to join the campaign of tree plantation, while following a Covid appropriate behavior.

“We have come to know about the importance of coordination and balance between nature and the environment during the corona epidemic. The more we all live in the company of nature and the environment, the greater ability we have to fight various types of diseases,” Yogi Adityanath noted.

Speaking about Peepal tree, Yogi said, “Peepal tree is considered very sacred in Indian tradition. Peepal represents Lord Vishnu and Mahatma Buddha attained enlightenment under this tree. Today, the program of Van Mahotsav week has also started with the planting of Peepal plant.”

At the Gram Panchayat level in the form of Smriti Vatika, as per the CM, the government wants to connect all the people of the state with this campaign with the goal of providing 30 crore saplings free of cost.

He, however, revealed that in the villages where people have lost their loved ones due to Coronavirus, the work of setting up a memorial garden is scheduled to take place.

The state government has instructed for the greatest number of trees to be planted along highways, expressways, roads, and canals, citing that trees are an important source of food, medicine, and raw materials, as well as having cultural and religious value.

Plantations will also be made in other suitable locations, such as industrial complexes and abandoned government property.

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