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Regulator Orders Removal of Hate-Spreading Shows from Aaj Tak, News18 India, Times Now Navbharat

NBDSA Takes Action Against Hate-Spreading Shows: Fines and Removal Orders Issued to Aaj Tak, News18 India, Times Now Navbharat.

The News Broadcasting and Digital Standards Authority (NBDSA) has taken a significant step by directing television news channels Aaj Tak, News18 India, and Times Now Navbharat to remove videos of several shows aired in the last two years. The action comes in response to complaints about the spread of hatred and communal disharmony, citing violations of the code of ethics and broadcasting standards.

In its meeting held on February 28, the NBDSA, led by Justice (retired) A K Sikri, passed seven decisions regarding complaints about programs aired in the last two years. The regulatory body, comprising TV news broadcasters, imposed fines and directed the removal of objectionable content based on received complaints.

NBDSA Takes Action Against Hate-Spreading Shows: Fines and Removal Orders Issued to Aaj Tak, News18 India, Times Now Navbharat.
Few Screeshots of Hate-Spreading Shows

News18 India was fined Rs 50,000 for four shows aired in 2022, hosted by Aman Chopra and Amish Devgan. These shows made unsubstantiated claims linking the murder of Shraddha Walker by her live-in partner Aftab Poonawala to “love jihad.” The NBDSA emphasized the need for caution in using the term “love jihad,” stating that it should not be employed loosely due to its potential to corrode the secular fabric of the country and foster religious intolerance.

Times Now Navbharat faced a fine of Rs 1 lakh for a show on “love jihad” aired on May 31, 2023, hosted by Himanshu Dixit. The NBDSA criticized the show for presumptuously linking violence against women to “love jihad” without sufficient evidence.

Aaj Tak was directed to remove a show anchored by Sudhir Chaudhary on violence during the festival of Ram Navami in 2023. The NBDSA highlighted that Chaudhary had unfairly targeted the entire Muslim community for the acts of a few miscreants, exacerbating communal tensions.

Additionally, Aaj Tak received criticism for a show last year hosted by Sudhir Chaudhary, discussing former US President Barack Obama’s comments on the protection of minorities in India during PM Narendra Modi’s state visit to America. The NBDSA found violations of objectivity and neutrality principles, advising the channel to present controversial issues impartially and objectively in the future.

Responding to the NBDSA’s orders, the Times Network and the India Today Group expressed their acceptance of the verdict and pledged to adhere to the regulatory body’s directives in future broadcasts. These actions underscore the NBDSA’s commitment to maintaining journalistic integrity and preventing the dissemination of hate speech in media content.

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