Rahul Gandhi slams BJP govt for increasing COVID-19 deaths

Rahul Gandhi slams BJP govt for slowing rate of vaccinations in the country and increasing death due to COVID-19

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi claimed that if the government had ensured easy access to vaccinations, the country would not be in such a horrible condition as it is now as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Rahul Gandhi stated this in a tweet from his official handle, wherein he stated that the BJP-led Central government has had to ‘make noise’ and ‘spread lies’ in order to divert attention from the increasing deaths due to the second wave of COVID-19.

“Vaccines are decreasing and Covid deaths are increasing,” the Congress leaders said, while tweeting a graphic (from Bloomberg | Quint) about slowing rate of vaccinations in the country.

The tweet also had a graphic from NDTV about the record single-day deaths (45,29) during the last 24 hours on Tuesday in the country.

Rahul further said that the Central government policy is to “Divert attention, Spread lies, Make a noise by hiding the facts.”

Earlier, he had also stated that in the Modi ‘system’, critics of the government are being arrested. “Instead, it would have required lesser effort to make the vaccine available more easily and the country would not have been in this painful situation today,” he stated in another tweet.

The government’s vaccine programme has been criticized by the former Congress chief and his party, who have called it discriminatory.

Rahul Gandhi has been calling for the implementation of a COVID-19 immunization strategy to safeguard all Indians.

It is not just politicians like Rahul Gandhi who are demanding mass vaccination against COVID-19, but top health experts are also echoing similar views. In fact, the Indian Medical Association (IMA) National President, Dr JA Jayalal has come forward urging for the same.

Emphasizing the importance of vaccines, Dr Jayalal said that vaccination is the “only way forward”, adding that without mass vaccination, it will be dangerous to face the third wave “which is bound to happen.”

“Only way forward is vaccination. If we’re not pushing for mass vaccination, it’s not safe to face 3rd wave that is bound to occur. Mass vaccination has to be done. Centre must procure max. vaccines, decentralize & even to the level of the door to door vaccination,” Dr JA Jayalal said, according to news agency ANI.

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