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NIA Offers INR 10 Lakh Reward in Rameshwaram Café Blast Case

Public Urged to Assist in Apprehending Prime Suspect Abdul Matheen Ahmed Taaha alias Vignesh alias Sumit.

Bengaluru, March 29, 2024 – The National Investigation Agency (NIA) has announced a reward of Rupees 10 Lakh for any information leading to the arrest of Abdul Matheen Ahmed Taaha, alias Vignesh, alias Sumit, the prime suspect in the Rameshwaram Café Blast Case. The agency assures that the identity of the informer will be kept confidential.

Abdul Matheen Ahmed Taaha, alias Vignesh, alias Sumit, is approximately 30 years old with a wheatish complexion, medium body built, and stands at approximately 5.5 feet in height. He is described as being bald from the front with light hair on the back and sides. The accused is known to predominantly wear T-shirts and jeans, along with hoodies and caps.

According to the NIA, the accused prefers to stay in men’s hostels, sharing accommodations, and low-budget hotels and lodges. It is imperative that if anyone comes across an individual matching or resembling this description, they should immediately inform the National Investigation Agency.

“We urge the public to remain vigilant and report any sightings or information related to Abdul Matheen Ahmed Taaha, alias Vignesh, alias Sumit, to the NIA at 080-29510900 / 8904241100.

The Rameshwaram Café Blast Case has been a matter of intense investigation, with the authorities working tirelessly to bring the perpetrators to justice. The NIA’s announcement of this substantial reward underscores the urgency and seriousness with which they are pursuing leads in the case.

The NIA reassures the public that all information provided will be treated with utmost confidentiality, and the informant’s identity will be safeguarded. The agency emphasizes the importance of collective efforts in ensuring the safety and security of the nation.

The reward of Rupees 10 Lakh serves as a significant incentive for individuals to come forward with crucial information that could aid in the apprehension of the suspect and contribute to the resolution of the case.

As the investigation continues, authorities remain committed to pursuing every lead and bringing those responsible for the Rameshwaram Café Blast to justice. The cooperation and support of the public are instrumental in achieving this objective.

For any further updates or information related to the case, the National Investigation Agency urges citizens to stay connected with official channels and cooperate with law enforcement agencies.

Contact Information:
National Investigation Agency (NIA)
Phone: 080-29510900 / 8904241100

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