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More than one COVID patient seen sharing a bed in Nagpur hospital

In a viral video, more than one Covid-19 patient was seen sharing beds at Nagpur’s GMC Hospital

When asked about the video that is circulating on the Internet, Dr Avinash V Gawande, Medical Superintendent said: “This does not happen here but if it has then because patients come not just from urban and rural districts here, but also from Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh.” Explaining further he said, “…we can not keep patients waiting, it will affect their oxygen level

It happens when there is a rush but it is not a routine thing. They have to wait for 15 minutes to half an hour because we first provide them with oxygen then they are shifted to hospital wards.”

Source: Social Media

“If 40 patients come at a time then it is difficult to shift them to the wards at the same time, so it takes a bit of time. We provide oxygen support first and then shift the patient to the wards,” he said.

Nagpur district recorded 62 deaths and 4,110 new patients on Sunday.

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