INS Sumitra 2nd Successful Anti-Piracy Ops – Rescues 36 Crew from Somali Pirates

Southern Arabian Sea - INS Sumitra showcases maritime prowess, successfully foiling pirate attacks on Iranian-flagged vessels and securing crew members' safe release.

Indian Naval Ship (INS) Sumitra has executed its second successful anti-piracy operation, rescuing a total of 36 crew members from two hijacked fishing vessels off the East Coast of Somalia.

The initial operation took place on January 28, 2024, when INS Sumitra responded to a distress call involving the Iranian-flagged Fishing Vessel (FV) Iman. The vessel had fallen prey to pirates, with the crew held hostage. Following standard operating procedures and employing coercive tactics, INS Sumitra successfully intercepted FV Iman, securing the release of its 17 Iranian crew members in the early hours of January 29, 2024. After sanitizing the vessel, it was allowed to continue its transit.

INS Sumitra 2nd Successful Anti-Piracy Ops – Rescues 36 Crew from Somali Pirates

Undeterred by the first operation, INS Sumitra swiftly engaged in a subsequent mission to rescue the Fishing Vessel Al Naeemi. On January 29, 2024, the Indian Navy vessel intercepted the Iranian-flagged Al Naeemi, boarded by 11 Somali Pirates holding 19 Pakistani nationals as hostages. Through the effective deployment of its integral helicopter and boats, along with coercive posturing, INS Sumitra compelled the safe release of the crew and the vessel. Confirmatory boarding was conducted to ensure the well-being of the rescued crew.

In less than 36 hours, INS Sumitra demonstrated its agility and commitment to maritime security by preventing the misuse of two hijacked fishing vessels as potential mother ships for further acts of piracy in the Southern Arabian Sea, approximately 850 nautical miles west of Kochi.

The Indian Navy’s prompt and relentless efforts underscore its dedication to safeguarding mariners and vessels at sea, reinforcing its role as a formidable force in countering maritime threats in the region.

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