Hastakshep, a milestone in Indian journalism: Upendra Rai

Hastakshep, the flagship programme of Sahara News Network, hosted by Upendra Rai has completed 100 episodes on Thursday.

We are living in the most troubled times of history. The rate of spread of Coronavirus has become very fast. The country is facing a big challenge from those forces who are anti-national and anti-social. These forces are totally inclined to divide society for their narrow interest. ‘Hastakshep’ plays a very important role in communicating the right message while dealing with these challenges.

Hastakshep, the flagship programme of Sahara News Network has completed 100 episodes on Thursday. Upendrra Rai, Chief Executive Officer and Editor-in-Chief host this show.  News and views are being presented in this show in a very lucid and sensible manner. The analysis of the news with a non-partisan view keeping away with noise and uproar of studios is the main USP of the show.

Journalism is all about communication and intention. With the intention of connecting every thread of society, hastakshep plays as a bridge between Government and Society. It raises relevant issues of our times and set the agenda of the day. Hastakshep ensures that all the matter of  relevance should be properly discussed and a nationalistic view must be given following the discussion. Upendra Rai’s TV show “Hastakshep” is focused on government policies, serious social issues, economic and public concerns affecting the common man. 

On the selected topic in the show, significant viewpoints of the eminent personalities and experts get prominence. According to the information, this special show, which runs from Monday to Friday from 8 pm to 9 pm, has well-researched presentations on contemporary topics. A fair approach to news and a special approach to analysis is making the show stand out from the rest of the TV shows.

Upendra Rai is a well-known journalist in the TV industry.  He has a deep understanding of issues such as political, economic and social concerns of the country.  Many big news stories had been unearthed by him. The country has been facing unprecedented Times. Therefore It needs unprecedented intervention. Hastkshep is an effort in the same direction. 

Hastakshep, a milestone in Indian journalism: Upendra Rai
Hastakshep Host Upendra Rai

During Covid-19 lockdown period viewers were informed and educated in a planned manner about the danger of this pandemic, it’s treatments and prevention methods through this programme. Issues related to migrant labourers, hospitals violating Covid-19 norms or politics over the prevention and treatment were discussed at length with well-researched facts. The eye-opening show forced government agencies to take cognizance in the best interest of people.   

Following the standard operational procedures of social distancing and sanitizing, a series of shows were telecasted about scientific methods of life-saving techniques. During the lockdown period, 45 dignitaries were interviewed through Skype and Mojo. It’s needless to say that this show has marked its special presence amongst viewers in a very short period. Our aim should be focussed on thinking and proceeding as a nation. Hastakshep is a guarantee based insurance in this direction.


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