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Fire at the Delhi Police Training School, damaged 450 Vehicles

Active Response by Firefighters Prevents Casualties as Authorities Investigate the Cause of the Massive Fire.

New Delhi: In the early hours of Monday, a devastating fire erupted at the Delhi Police Training School situated in Wazirabad, North Delhi, destroying 450 vehicles stored within the facility. The Department of Delhi Fire Services, promptly responding to the emergency, dispatched eight fire tenders to combat the intense blaze.

Efforts to contain the fire commenced immediately, with additional fire tenders summoned from nearby stations due to the escalating nature of the incident, as confirmed by sources within the Fire Service Department of Delhi.

Tragically, the inferno claimed as many as 200 four-wheelers and 250 two-wheelers stored in the police training school’s storage area. The firefighting operation, conducted actively by eight vehicles from the Department of Delhi Fire Service, managed to gain control over the flames around 4:30 am.

While the cause of the fire remains unclear, local authorities, including the police station, have initiated an investigation into the incident to determine its origin and any potential factors contributing to the fire. Fortunately, the Department of Delhi Fire Services reported no casualties resulting from the fire, providing a silver lining amid the destructive aftermath. The incident highlights the critical role played by emergency responders in mitigating such crises and underscores the importance of ongoing investigations to prevent future occurrences.

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