Netflix boon for actor careers and untold tales, feels Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock is thankful that Netflix has been employing actors like her

Academy Award winning actor Sandra Bullock, who once upon a time was the undisputed darling of cine-goers around the globe, had seen popularity going down all of a sudden after she was seen only in a handful of movies.

And now Bullock is back in the reckoning, much to the excitement of her fans. She herself is also celebrating her return, which seemed like a distant dream a few years ago. Making that happen is streaming platform Netflix, which has roped in the actor for some highly rated flicks that come with the Netflix Original branding.

Bullock is extremely thrilled that Netflix has been employing actors like her. She has stated in an interview that, if it was not for Netflix, she would have been nowhere at the moment. Sandra Bullock is currently 57 years old, and the streaming platform has tailor-made stories that have meaty roles for her.

The Unforgivable rules on top at Netflix

In 2021, her Netflix flick ‘The Unforgivable’ was streamed to much applause. The film, which was released in December last year, also had in its cast top names such as Viola Davis, Vincent D’Onofrio and Jon Bernthal in prominent roles. Significantly enough, The Unforgivable is, at the moment, one of the top ten most watched dramas in Netflix’s history.

Sandra Bullock’s Netflix revival comes a major incentive for actors like her, and she is more than grateful for the gesture. She had earlier too worked in the 2018 apocalyptic thriller Bird Box Netflix project, which was helmed by Netflix.

Bird Box, for the record, is the second most-watched film in Netflix’s history. It had been riding the crest as the most watched movie till recently before being pushed to second place by Red Notice, starring Gal Gadot and Dwayne Johnson.

Sandra Bullock grateful to Netflix

The Netflix ventures have come as a boon to Bullock, and she happily thanks the streaming platform for being so good to filmmakers and artists. According to her, if Netflix hasn’t been doing this, many artists would have been out of jobs and many stories would have been left untold.

Attributing the success of her modern-day career to Netflix, Sandra Bullock has also showered praise on the streaming platform for opening up the global audiences to shows such Squid Game. Tales from other countries and nationalities reaching bigger audiences becomes possible only due to such streaming services, and that in a way is a great unifier, she felt.

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