Turning The Wheels Of Fortune

Here is a story which will instil your faith in persistence all over again. A story of a man, who began his career selling ISP connections and is presently on the board of MNCs.

“If four things are followed – having a great aim, acquiring knowledge, hard work, and perseverance – then anything can be achieved” – A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

Great quotes by great men are not hard to find. Hard work and persistence are two virtues we hear about often. However, it is rare to see young men and women bringing life to those quotes with their grit and determination. With life getting competitive by the day, youngsters often lose hope and give up on their dreams. A lot of youngsters get bogged down with the fact that they were not born with a silver spoon, or do not have the same privileges as some of their peers. But like they say, when life gives you lemons, use them to make lemonade.

Here is a story which will instil your faith in persistence all over again. It is the story of a man, who started his career selling ISP connections in Nehru Place at merely 3k per month but is now on the board of MNCs, with 8-digit annual earnings.

Meet Vineet Puri, a 44-year-old corporate executive based out of Gurgaon, India. Born in a one-bedroom house, Vineet spent his childhood and adolescent years in the crowded lanes of Raj Nagar and Tughlakabad.

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However, the open drains and narrow lanes could not stop him from dreaming. Vineet would spend 2.5 hours of his day commuting in public transport to pursue his schooling as a child, always believing there was more life had to offer. Not one to get bogged down, Vineet started taking tuitions right after high school. The extra buck came in handy to fund his higher education and took some load off his parents too.

Under pressure from society, Vineet tried his hands at clearing competitive exams with little success. He then tried to launch multiple small businesses with his limited funds. Selling ISP connections and being a medical rep were gigs Vineet took on to survive during the early stages of his career. Vineet toiled, and saved, saved enough to self-sponsor his education in a US university, where he completed his MBA degree while washing utensils at local restaurants to meet his expenses. Vineet returned to India in 2004 and got married to his childhood love.

Soon after, Lady luck shined on Vineet’s aspirations and the wheel of fortune started to turn in his favour. From one job to another in the corporate sector, Vineet worked with greater determination towards his dreams. Soon, in 2007, Vineet Puri became the Vice President of a listed MNC, with a handsome 7-digit salary. Today, Vineet is a board member with an MNC, member of a premier trade body, and a senior business executive with a large MNC with international portfolios, marquee clients and earnings running into 8 digits.

Humble, God-fearing and a staunch vegetarian, Vineet’s dream run is far from over. While continuing to climb the ladder to success, Vineet makes sure he mentors all those who are ready to learn. He comes across as the man next door, always willing to help. About his success, he says he believes success is the synonym of hard work and persistence. Well, going by his life story, we could not agree more!

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