US hopes to be completely out from Afghanistan by August 31

According to NSA Sullivan, the US President will ultimately determine how the US continues to intervene in Afghanistan

NEW DELHI The Biden administration announced on Monday (local time) that all Americans will be evacuated from Afghanistan by August 31.

In response to concerns about the August 31 deadline, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan informed reporters at a White House press briefing that President Joe Biden will have the final decision on whether or not to prolong the evacuation operation from Kabul airport.

As per Sullivan, how the US continues in Afghanistan will ultimately be decided by the President, not anyone else.

The NSA further stated that the US was making significant progress in this connection as tens of thousands of people have been evacuated from the nation as a result of dozens of flights.

The US President was taking things day by day and making decisions accordingly, the NSA commented.

The deadline of August 31

The Taliban set August 31 as a deadline for US soldiers to quit the country.

Since the Taliban took control of Kabul and overthrew the Afghan government more than a week ago, the United States has raced to remove American nationals, Afghans who aided the US troops, and anyone who may suffer retaliation from the insurgent group.

Defense Department Press Secretary John Kirby informed reporters at the Pentagon that the Pentagon has noted the public remarks made by the Taliban’s spokesperson on August 31.

Meanwhile, despite security concerns and turmoil in Kabul, US allies want the deadline to be extended.

Additional time is required for complete exit, as per French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian, while UK Defense Minister Ben Wallace expects the US would extend its schedule by a day or two.

The evacuation of vulnerable from Afghanistan continues

During Pentagon’s latest briefing, Army Major General William ‘Hank’ Taylor, Joint Staff Deputy Director for Regional Operations, reported that 16,000 passengers had departed Kabul in the previous 24 hours.

Taylor also informed that five flights carrying about 1300 people arrived at Dulles International Airport. He noted that presently, military installations and Dulles International Airport are accepting Afghans as they enter the United States.

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