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US elections and the controversial American Indian..Ramaswamy denies climate change

During the GOP debate, the audience expressed their disapproval with boos when Vivek referred to the climate movement as a hoax.

As I browsed the internet, I noticed a few suggestions in my feed related to the forthcoming US elections. Despite my initial lack of interest in events occurring 13,000 km away, I was taken aback by my newfound engagement. This unexpected shift was largely due to a sense of familiarity I felt emanating from one of the nominees, Vivek Ramaswamy.

An entrepreneur and Ivy League graduate, Vivek Ramaswamy has emerged as a prominent contender in the GOP (Grand Old Party) race. When it comes to the impression he gives off, it is one of energy, vibrancy, and eclecticism. His stance on climate change is riddled with controversy, particularly in light of the disruptive El Nino and La Nina effects wreaking havoc across continents.

The contender asserts that climate change is a fabrication and advocates for US citizens to rely on coal and embrace nuclear energy. This position closely aligns with the approach former Republican President Donald Trump took towards climate policies during his tenure, especially in light of the recent forecast of a strong El Nino event in the 20th century that could exacerbate global warming and extreme weather events (Ludescher et al., 2023). Considering the influence of the woke movement and ESG policies, which trace their origins to Uncle SAM’s Garden before extending their influence to companies in India and other regions, it’s crucial to delve into their roots. In this context, the Indian state should actively examine these contentious ideas emerging from the think tanks of Western Academia. These policies lack a nature-driven foundation and are instead fuelled by propaganda and academicians driven by financial interests rather than genuine expertise.

Returning to the core discussion, climate change remains a pressing and pivotal concern, necessitating a grave and methodical approach. Recognizing the need to reshape the climate movement, countries in the East and South should earnestly consider addressing this concern and formulating suitable policy strategies.

In relation to other pivotal aspects such as education, drug concerns, and gun violence, the former pharmaceutical executive presents an extensive range of perspectives. During a Fox News debate on August 23rd, Ramaswamy stood prominently on the stage, serving as the focal point, and faced the brunt of criticisms from fellow GOP candidates. At a certain juncture, Chris Christie, the governor of New Jersey, cornered him with a “Chatbot” label in a particularly vicious manner. However, when the opportunity arose, he responded by addressing the malicious campaign led by the Jersey governor against former President Donald Trump

From an Indian perspective, Ramaswamy could benefit from deeper consideration of his Indian values, which hold nature in reverence across diverse traditions and cultures of various sects. Such an approach would enable him to connect with a broader audience without veering away from the global discourse on climate matters. As we all consider Earth our home, the sentiment encapsulated in the phrase “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” holds true, and the impact of climate change affects us all.

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