Afghanistan Crisis: Biden vows to evacuate all Americans and Afghan allies out of Kabul

American President Joe Biden says the evacuations operation is most risky and dangerous in current situations as critics blame his chaotic exit.

The US President Joe Biden promised that no Americans and Afghan allies would be left behind in one of the most difficult evacuations in the world on Friday. “We have moved out 5700 evacuees just today,” Biden said at the television address. 

At the same time, he also warned that flying Americans, other foreigners, and Afghan allies out of the Taliban–occupied Kabul was dangerous. Biden is widely criticized for a chaotic and sudden exit after a surprising Taliban victory. 

“This is one of the largest, most difficult airlifts in history,” he said. “I cannot promise what the final outcome will be.” As per the White House estimates, around 13,000 people have boarded a US military plane in less than a week.

Meanwhile, President Biden cautioned the citizens that it does not know how many citizens are there. But firmly adding, “Let me be clear: any American who wants to come home, we will get you home.” The US is ‘committed’ to rescue Afghans who had worked with US forces and fear backlashes from the Taliban.

Biden’s White House Address

The US will not expand military perimeter: Biden

In the television address, while briefing the citizens about the evacuation process, Joe Biden has rejected the idea of expanding the US military perimeter beyond Kabul’s airport to the streets controlled by Afghan. He has warned of ‘unintended consequences’ if done so.

However, the Pentagon has reported that US soldiers did exit the airport in one incident to safely get 169 people inside the airport. He has also rejected the debacle of Washington’s credibility as US-trained Afghan soldiers allowed the Taliban to take over almost without a decent resistance. “I have seen no question of credibility from our allies,” Biden said.

Critic says Otherwise of Biden Tactics

The critics attacked President Biden not only for being unaware of the rapidly changing Afghanistan environment. But for his relatively low media profile post-Taliban power capture.

Meanwhile, the White House is banking on the strategy of separating military-humanitarian crisis from the political arena. Both Pentagon and state departments were supposed to hold daily press conferences to share logistics details in an attempt to clear tarnishing claims of the administration of incompetency.

But Jen Psaki, press secretary of Biden, conducted only one briefing session this week. Biden is flying to his home in Delaware on Saturday. He is confident that US citizens will forgive him for the terrifying days in Kabul and remember him to end the 20 years futile war.

According to the polls, most Americans wanted to end the futile war.  But a Reuters/Ipsos poll found that the president’s popularity fell to 46% from 53% in the last week after the Taliban crisis.

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