Singapore opens borders as Covid-19 pandemic eases

Singapore-bound travellers from India can now enter without going through much hassles.

Travellers from India to Singapore will now be able to enter the South East Asian nation without much restrictions. The Health Ministry of Singapore, post-review of the Covid 19 situation in India, has decided to re-open its borders starting October 26.

Besides India, the ministry reviewed the Covid-19 situation in Bangladesh, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka too and has allowed travellers from these nations also to enter the country.

So, as per the decision, travellers who have a 14-day travel history to Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, before their departure to Singapore will be able to come in or travel through the country. The only clause is that they will have to undergo the Singapore government’s Category IV border restrictions that include a 10-day stay-home norm at a dedicated facility.

Testing relaxed for certain countries

The country has also relaxed testing and stay-home restrictions for travellers from countries such as Malaysia, Cambodia, Egypt, Hungary, Indonesia, Israel, Mongolia, Qatar, Rwanda, Samoa, Seychelles, South Africa, Tonga, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Vietnam. They will have to abide by the Category III restrictions, which state that they should serve their 10-day stay-home notice at their declared place of residence or accommodation.

Meanwhile, the Singapore residents who are returning to the country will have to make sure they have a secure alternative accommodation before they come in if their houses are not suited for stay-home. These residents will have to remain indoors and also wear an electronic monitoring device.

Singapore to allow safe entry of workers, students

Further, a report quoting the Ministry of Health said that Singapore will permit necessary workers and students to enter Singapore starting November 1 if they are fully vaccinated before their travel to the country.

It is believed that Singapore decided to open its borders because the Covid-19 scenario has stabilised in most of the countries. Also, it has been found that infection rates in these countries have dropped to levels lower than Singapore’s.

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