OLED screen-equipped curved reclining chair concept from LG Display turns out to be a stunner

If the concept takes the commercial route, we would be lucky to recline in the LG Display OLED TV screen-equipped massage chair

If concepts turn real, this world could already have been transformed into a futuristic universe. Such are the concepts that go on show at major trade shows of the digital arena. We have seen many a product developed as a concept and with a plan to make it for real someday.

Many such concepts remain so, but there have also been instances where these concepts have been fully developed for the real marketplace.

And yes, these products that had come out of the concept cocoon into the real world have stunned us big time. Now, a concept on the showcase at the CES promises to be a treat if it is made for the real marketplace by the company behind it.

LG Display concept device charms CES

We are talking of the new concept shown off by LG Display. An elegantly conceived reclining chair is what the product is all about, but the additional fascination comes in the form of a rotating, curved 55-inch OLED TV attached to a recliner chair.

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The media chair, that it is being called at the moment, if commercialised could be a mega hit, for sure. Such is the charm it exudes. LG Display has reportedly initiated parleys with a Korean massage chair company in a bid to bring it to showroom racks. If the talks end up as successful, we would be lucky to recline in the massage chair made exquisite with LG Display’s wide OLED TV screen.

Curved OLED TV, speakers et al

The recliner chair isn’t what you expect. It brings to the world much more that what is expected. LG Display has integrated speakers in the reclining chair. It has also thrown in a speaker embedded in the OLED panel itself. Thanks to Cinematic Sound OLED (CSO) technology, that is owned by LG Display, it also makes the screen to vibrate and produce audio.

The OLED screen of a 55 inches comes with a 1500R curve that promises an optimal viewing experience to the users. Significantly, it can also rotate between portrait and landscape modes at the press of a button integrated on the touchscreen control panel on the right armrest.

Such concepts make us love technology, don’t they? We just hope to see this get on to the commercial bandwagon. Let’s hope LG Display’s talks with the Korean massage chair company turns fruitful.

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