Science and technology ties between India and Norway get added push

India and Norway are now adding more areas of interest as part of the existing cooperation in the science and technology arena

The already existing cooperation between India and Norway in the field of science and technology has been progressing strong over the past few years. With a view towards adding more strength to the ties in the scientific and tech arena, the two nations are now adding more areas of mutual interest as part of the cooperation.

A Joint Working Group on Science and Technology the two nations held deliberations on how to go about extending the partnerships, and have decided to cooperate more by including areas like quantum science and technology, electric mobility, green hydrogen, ocean science, cyber-physical system, blue economy, information and communication technology.

Besides this, India and Norway would strengthen existing areas of co-operation such as polar sciences, bio-economy, renewable energy, nano-science and technology and anti-microbial resistance.

Science and Technology Working Group deliberates on newer avenues

It has also been decided that the cooperation needs to be pushed forward in a more fruitful manner by adding activities such bilateral workshops, support for on-going joint research projects, new joint R&D project call with industry participation, human capacity development, focusing on areas which has more relevance or impact to society as well as industrial R&D programmes, said a Department of Science and Technology communication.

It is being foreseen that the co-operation will aid in improving the quality and relevance of research and development, technology translation, taking it to market, connecting industry, startups, MSMEs to R&D labs and academia, societal connect, science for people, diversity and inclusion of Youth, Women, Rural and SC/ST, aligning science and technology with national priorities, water, energy, environment, transport, health, manufacturing, waste processing and more.

Norway has stated that that India is among the nine priority countries outside of Europe co-operating with Norway in its science and technology endeavours. The European nation has stressed on strengthening co-operation on priority areas like ocean, health, energy, climate and security. With bilateral discussions looking to further the cause in a serious manner, it is expected that the ties will expand to the areas of increasing relevance, such as green hydrogen, anti-microbial resistance, and renewable energy.

India-Norway cooperation in science and tech formalized in 2006

It was in year 2006 that the India and Norway cooperation in science and technology was formalized, after an Inter-governmental agreement inked in Tromso, Norway, paved the way for such a tie up. The cooperation was then set in motion through a Programme of Cooperation (POC) signed in Oslo in May 2009. The two nations together constituted a Joint Working Group under the framework of inter-governmental agreement, which sat down for discussions at least six times since then. 

The activities so far included support for joint workshops on ICT and Bio-economy during 2016-2017, joint projects under ICT and projects under Bio-economy. A joint call on renewable Energy was launched in 2017-2018. Joint projects on energy storage, microgrids and solar cell applications were supported. During 2018-2019 a joint call on Nanoscience and Technology was launched and 7 joint projects were supported.

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