Eight ways to enable productive thinking: Radhika Kawlra Singh

The book ‘YOU: Beyond Isolation’, makes a masterly inquiry into moulding thought so we may purposefully unite. Some glimpses with the author

Each time you have a thought, it creates a new reality – feeling happy or, sad is a state of your own making. When I believe my life is abundant in some specific way, that is exactly what I will find in my life. In the book ‘YOU: Beyond Isolation’, Radhika writes “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. When a human mind perceives a movement externally, it responds both in its physicality internally and externally. The act of the response determines the ongoing movement of particles and influences the components of thought.” Over two decades of practicing therapy, she influenced many in discovering their power and in feeling responsible for creating their reality. 

According to her “people will naturally choose to self-correct, once they realize how powerful they are. Every thought has a natural resonance–you experience what you think, and because how you think makes you emote, it also guides your behaviour. The subconscious mind accepts every kind of data, yet, it shifts your perception and opinion on anything in one of two ways. One, if the data is repetitive, and two if it spontaneously provokes an emotion. The associated feelings form memory and every next response is based on how much of the memory you extract and how ingenious you want to be.”

‘YOU’ is Mind Coach Radhika’s third book. She chose to write, to simplify the process of change, so people could help themselves heal effortlessly, she finds that “change happens once people choose to help themselves. People tend to undervalue themselves. They don’t feel good enough in a certain specific way and thus believe they do not deserve the good’. Almost always something tends to feel wrong and while life brings forth newer challenges, the sense of incompetency builds up.” The more you do something right or wrong-the more right or wrong it feels. As neurons fire together, they wire together.”

Radhika points out eight ways to enable productive thinking:-

1. Dismiss the weight of your thoughts.

When you think incessantly about something, you deepen the impact on you, and by that means you permit it to act upon you, guiding it further into your experience.

What you do not perceive as healthy, must not be re-visited.

2. Interrogate the repetitive thought.

Recognize the content and the direction it is pointing you towards. 

Accept what it is saying to you, letting it heighten your feeling space.

3. Analyzing your thought is inappropriate.

Examining your thinking will only reinforce the material to surface again.

Re-invent your thinking by borrowing from all possibilities.

4. Work on your projections.

Choose what you need for yourself and allow associated thoughts to surface from time to time.

The components of thought are quantum in nature, they will find resonant experiences. 

5. Encourage all feelings to surface, even the not so nice ones

All feelings are healthy, they allow a constant flow of energy.

Bringing yourself to recognize how you feel, reduces your chances of internalizing emotions irrationally.  

6. Look for the nature of damage you feel within

Examine the depth of the void that is caving in.

Resizing feelings includes the wisdom required to strengthen the journey back to finding fulfilment.

7. Remove judgment

Drawing any kind of conclusion, makes you stop the flow of energy.   

Reaffirm nothing – and ingenuity steps in to creatively craft a new way forward. 

8. Shift your expectations

As you become more flexible, your goals may redirect you to address the stuff you had left unquestioned.

When you forgive, you heal your past wounds because with forgiveness you finally give up hope that you could have changed your past. With forgiveness, while you alter your thoughts more holistically, you keep in mind that forgetting is not implicit, to forgiving. You do not disregard what happened to you, you fill your thoughts with uplifting energy.

It becomes evident from the direction Radhika leaves us with, that we receive our reality just in the manner in which we program it. Every thought, makes us believe stronger in something, reinforcing a feeling or an emotion. Through every next circumstance, we tend to create similar experiences all over again, so we may discover more evidence to match our original feeling state. Therefore, becoming mindful appears to be a wise way forward.

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