Conclusion of DSIR-CRTDH Conclave-2023 held at Indian Institute of Technology, Gandhinagar on 6th and 7th November, 2023

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The Department of Scientific & Industrial Research (DSIR) under the Ministry of Science & Technology, through its Programme ‘Common Research and Technology Development Hub (CRTDH)’, initiated in 2014-15, attempts to provide MSME clusters with the much-needed supportive ecosystem, which encourages and facilitates innovation essential for MSMEs. This program recognizes the importance of MSMEs in the overall economy of India and therefore focuses on the creation of R&D infrastructure in driving scientific advancements, technological innovations and socio-economic development.

The CRTDHs established in publicly funded research institutions have not only achieved remarkable success but have also generated inspiring success stories from their stakeholders. These endeavours are actively advancing the vision of “Atma Nirbhar Bharat” and reinforcing the momentum of “Vocal for Local.” These outstanding and continuous accomplishments should be shared with a broad audience, including those who are currently not connected to the CRTDH network. In view of this, DSIR has organized two days DSIR-CRTDH Conclave 2023 on 6th & 7th November 2023 at the Indian Institute of Technology, Gandhinagar wherein all the supported CRTDHs participated and showcased their achievements.

The DSIR-CRTDH Conclave 2023 was inaugurated on 6th November 2023 with a welcome address by Prof. Amit Prashant, Dean R&D, IIT Gandhinagar, where Prof. Prashant emphasized on the need for collaboration between academia & industry to address the challenges faced by MSMEs in India. Dr. Sujata Chaklanobis, Scientist G & Head-CRTDH, DSIR in her inaugural address highlighted the need of innovation and stated that MSMEs being the pillar of the innovation ecosystem can do wonders in making India a global R & D and manufacturing hub. She further emphasized that addressing the challenges of MSMEs can enhance economic growth, create job opportunities and exhibit India’s capabilities on the global stage.

Conclusion of DSIR-CRTDH Conclave-2023 held at Indian Institute of Technology
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DSIR-CRTDH Conclave 2023 saw the unveiling of two reports. The first report namely ‘Ten years of CRTDH – Empowering MSMEs and stimulating transformation’ prepared by DSIR showcased the activities and noteworthy achievements of CRTDHs and its stakeholders. The second report namely ‘Chintan Shivir Report – CRTDHs Empowering MSMEs’ is an attempt by DSIR to compile the comprehensive discussions, dialogue and key challenges of MSMEs for the five chintan shivirs organized by DSIR.

The inaugural session proceeded with the live video address by the Guest of Honor, Dr. N. Kalaiselvi, Secretary, DSIR & Director General, CSIR. Secretary, DSIR talked about the importance of the CRTDH programme in making MSMEs more ‘Atmanirbhar’ with handholding by academic institutions.

The inaugural session concluded with the inauguration DSIR-CRTDH Exhibition. The exhibition displayed posters, audiovisuals of the individual CRTDHs and products/prototypes developed by various CRTDHs along with its associated MSMEs / Startups incubated at the CRTDH. Other activities and achievements of these CRTDHs were also showcased during the exhibition. The exhibition gave an opportunity to network with other CRTDHs and also let them know about the varied accomplishments of other CRTDHs. The exhibition also gave an opportunity to different MSMEs/Startups to interact with other MSMEs/Startups supported/incubated at CRTDHs.

Conclusion of DSIR-CRTDH Conclave-2023 held at Indian Institute of Technology
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In five technical sessions during two days events saw the keynote address by Dr Jaimin Vasa (President, Gujarat Chemical Association & Chairman M/s Vasa Pharmachem Pvt. Ltd. Ahmedabad), Dr. H.G. Koshia (Commissioner, Food & Drug Control Administration, Govt. of Gujarat), Dr. Viranchi Shah (National President, IDMA and Director, M/s Saga Laboratories, Ahmedabad), Sh. Gautam Das (Founder & CEO, M/s Oorjan Cleantech and Former Director, Citi Bank India), Sh. Anandbhai Patel (Director, Gujarat Apollo India Pvt. Ltd., Mehsana) and Sh. Hiranmay Mahanta (CEO, i-Hub Ahmedabad). Technical sessions also had presentations by the coordinators of respective CRTDH and MSME beneficiaries.

The conclave was well attended by various MSMEs, Industry associations, Startups, students & researchers and it saw fruitful exchange of dialogues and meaningful networking for working together. The conclave had the participation of Dr Ranjeet Bairwa and Dr Suman Mazumdar from DSIR, who facilitated the exchange of ideas among coordinators and with prospective MSMEs and Startups.

The conclave ended with a take-home message by Dr Sujata Chaklanobis and a vote of thanks by Dr Vipin C. Shukla. The conclave also paved the way for the next year’s conclave at CSIR-IMMT, Bhubaneshwar.

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