What’s next to make Indian airlines and airports more Indian?

It is good to know that Aviation ministry has requested to play Indian music in Indian airlines and airports and not ordered. But the dilemma of playing what kind of Indian music still remains

Indian Aviation Ministry has recently written a letter to the airlines and airports, citing a request from the Indian Council of Cultural Research (ICCR) to play ‘Indian music’ onboard and airport premises.

The ICCR, an autonomous Government body under the Ministry of External Affairs, had requested Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia to promote Indian music in flights operated by Indian carriers on December 23.

“It is extremely unfortunate that most airlines in India, both private and government-owned, as well as both domestic and international, seldom, if at all, play Indian music. Our music mirrors our rich heritage and culture, and it is one of the many things every Indian has a reason to be truly proud of,” the letter wrote.

The aftersale time

Indian Aviation ministry must have a lot of time after the sale of sick Indian Airlines. Now, they are probably wondering what to do next. Thus, the ministry is looking for suggestions to make Indian airlines more Indian.

There is no harm in playing Indian music onboard and airport premises. Most foreign carriers do it. But no Aviation ministry has asked the private carriers to do so. They allow the private players to do business and doesn’t issue advisories. By God’s grace, it is not an advisory but a request. Imagine the consequences that the carriers might face if they do not abide by it.

Pandemic hit the Aviation industry the most. In such a scenario, the airport authorities and private carriers might feel the need to follow each request to continue doing business.

Don’t direct the private players

Due to the inefficiency of the government keepers, Indian aviation is now run by private players. They have proved their efficiency in running the aviation sector when not interrupted by the government. There are six Indian airports run by private players in India.

But after the pandemic, the Indian government has directed how many flights Indian airlines can operate, the capacity of each aircraft and price bands. Today, when things are returning to normalcy, the government should allow private carriers to follow the demand-supply graph. The request to play Indian music opens up another option of government meddling. God knows what’s next! Maybe Indian carriers will be asked to serve only Indian food.

Aviation reflects the Indian culture

Any national airlines reflect their culture and food habits like Etihad Airways. But forcing it like this can look funny. The current narrative about the Indian government micromanaging is everywhere. It might cost some foreign investment in the sector.

Also, now the question arises – what kind of Indian music should be played? Being a land of multiple religions and cultures, we have loads of local music that can qualify the criteria of ‘Indian music’.

Let’s hope that the Indian government does not direct any particular local music to be played in the carriers to avoid further communal division.

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