Mamata wants BJP to falter when presidential polls arrive; Will her dream turn true?

The TMC chief feels the BJP doesn’t have half the total number of legislators across the country to win the presidential polls

The Assembly polls that concluded recently had given a major leg up to BJP in Uttar Pradesh and other states except Punjab. The victory, in fact, has handed the Bharatiya Janata Party much to celebrate as it feels like a colossal on the political horizon of India, at the moment.

Though the saffron party believes so, there are people who don’t give in to that pride. Prominent among them is Trinamool Congress supremo and West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. Even as the celebrations refuse to die down in the BJP circles, Mamata has lashed out at the party saying that the game isn’t over yet!

Eyes on presidential polls

Making her think so, is the upcoming presidential polls. She has a reason to be so confident about BJP’s candidate losing out. And that, according to her, is that the BJP doesn’t have even half the total number of legislators across the country.

Her “game is not yet over” remark oozes confidence when she says that because she believes that the saffron outfit that doesn’t have even half of the total number of legislators in the whole of the country would not be able to make its mark in the presidential election. She has also gone one step ahead and attributed the strength of the Samajwadi Party that makes it stringer than the BJP.

Mamata has said that the BJP should never even venture into talking like parties of the likes of the Samajwadi Party, as the Akhilesh Yadav led outfit is stronger electorally than last time in spite of its defeat in the recent polls in Uttar Pradesh.

Mamata’s belief that the BJP will not have it easy when the presidential polls dawn. With the opposition parties together having more MLAs across the nation, the saffron party doesn’t stand a chance, she feels.

As everyone is aware, the presidential elections in India are undertaken indirectly through an electoral college consisting of elected members of the Parliament and legislative Assemblies of states and Union territories.

Mamata dreams of a united opposition

Mamata Banerjee’s opposition to the BJP is not new. She had been trying hard to put together an alliance of anti-BJP parties at the national level so as to come up with a massive front against the ruling party at least before the next Lok Sabha elections. The LS polls are scheduled for year 2024, and she hasn’t much time to make her dream come true.

She has already managed to convince a few parties at the national and regional party. However, the response from the Congress has been worrisome, considering that it has a sizable number of leaders who can take on the BJP. The grand old party, fighting its inner battles at the moment, is yet to say yes to the alliance.

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