Keralites among 4 rewarded for act of kindness that saved a pregnant cat

Keralites in Dubai team up with Pak, Morocco nationals to save a helpless cat

If you have ever thought that kindness to fellow beings is on the wane among humankind, think again! What makes us say this now is a unique story that unfolded when a group of men saved a pregnant cat from falling to death from a building’s balcony in Dubai.

Two Keralites, a Pakistan national, and another man from Morocco teamed up this week to help the helpless cat live longer. The incident happened at Dera in Dubai when the cat got stuck on the edge of a balcony. The cat, which seemed to have ventured out on the open terrace of the balcony, missed her step and was left hanging precariously. She was at the risk of falling to death. She could have even lost her life if left unattended. 

It was then the group of four men comprising two Keralites (Nazir Mohammed and Abdul Rashid) working in Dubai, Ashraf from Morocco, and Atif Mohammed from Pakistan rushed to the spot in a bid to save the cat. Nazir Mohammed, Ashraf, and Atif positioned themselves on the road below the balcony and spread out a blanket to catch the cat when it fell from the balcony. In a few minutes, the pregnant cat found it difficult to hold on to the balcony edge and fell headlong into the blanket held by her saviors. 

The falling cat was caught safely and let go by the good Samaritans. In the meantime, Abdul Rashid joined his friends in the rescue act by capturing the entire episode on his mobile phone. He later posted it on his Instagram page. Nazir Mohammed hails from Kothamangalam in Kerala, while Abdul Rashid is from Vadakara of Kozhikode district in the state. 

The Instagram post went viral and caught the attention of the authorities, who started looking for the good Samaritans in their city. On the same night, top officials from the Dera administration called upon the four kind men who saved the helpless cat and returned with all their details. 

The surprise came soon after. The four men who displayed courage and kindness in helping a fellow being live were congratulated by none other than the UAE Vice President and Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Mukt. The Sheikh also announced a cash prize of 50,000 dirhams (around Rs 10 lakh) each to the four-member group. 

The post has also been shared on Twitter by the UAE Vice President, who said he was proud and happy to see such acts of kindness in his beautiful city. 

Acts of kindness such as these do really light up every human being’s day. In case you thought kindness is just a thing of the past, such random acts shall prompt you to think otherwise. A life saved deserves applause in a world where hate and killing have turned the norm. Such an act recognized and rewarded by the Dubai ruler himself adds charm to the whole episode. Such episodes need to be shared more on the web and social media space so that compassion and kindness are practiced much more. What is your take on this?  

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