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‘Snakepedia’ mobile app launched in Kerala

‘Snakepedia’ mobile app launched in Kerala to help people, doctors treat snake bites

A team of scientists, nature lovers and doctors have come up with a mobile application ‘Snakepedia’ on snakes in Kerala to help the public as well as doctors to treat snake bites.

Snakepedia is a comprehensive android mobile application that documents information on snakes with the help of pictures, infographics and podcasts and analyses its first aid, treatment, myths and superstitions. Sandeep Das, the EDGE fellow, Zoological Society of London said, “We have a habit of bringing snakes to the hospital along with the bitten patient. Even if it is not necessary, if snakes are identified, the treatment will be better. WhatsApp groups for helping doctors identifying snakes are working with the help of research. This app will help doctors as well as the public.”

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Das also said that there are about 3,600 species of snakes known so far in the world and over 300 species are found in India.

“Among 300 species, about 100 are known from Kerala who belong to 12 different families. Over 700 pictures of these are included with up to 20 photographs of various colour morphs for some snakes. These photographs were taken by more than 130 people inside and outside the state. This includes researchers, wildlife enthusiasts and photographers,” he added.

Naveenalal Payyeri and Dr Jinesh, who are part of the team that developed the app said that Snakepedia was developed as an answer to the question of how to find a useful way for the general public to identify snakes.

“It also has an online helpline menu for identification of snakes. Mostly this is an offline app. All features except podcast and online ID helpline are offline,” they added.

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