Project Pegasus: Congress slams BJP, calls it Bharatiya Jasoos Party

“India will not only resist but will completely reject their illegal & deplorable act,” the Congress party said

The main opposition party, Indian National Congress, has slammed the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) after sensational revelations regarding Project Pegasus.

The Congress called BJP as Bharatiya Jasoos Party and demanded an impartial probe into the revelations.

“If revelations by the Pegasus Project are true, the all-out attack on our democracy & freedoms by the Modi govt is nothing short of treason. India will not only resist but will completely reject their illegal & deplorable act,” the Congress party said.

The party went on to state, “India demands a thorough investigation into the revelations by the Pegasus Project and nothing short of strong & stringent actions against those responsible is acceptable.”

Rahul Gandhi said he could only laugh at the fear of his opponent party led by Narendra Modi.

While KC Venugopal, another Congress politician said, “The latest data by the Pegasus Project reveals the cowardice of the Bharatiya Jasoos Party. It proves how terrified they are of Rahul Gandhi’s courageous stand on people issues & how desperate they are to silence him.”

“There must be an impartial Judicial inquiry on PM & HM’s role,” the leader said.

“The Modi government itself is doing this dastardly act through the Israeli spy tool ‘Pegasus’. Pegasus software hacks anyone’s phone without his wish and hacks even the camera, the microphone of that phone,” Mr. Randeep Singh Surjewala, General Secretary of Indian National Congress, said.

“If this is not treason or playing with national security then what is? News reports are even saying that not only journalists, opposition leaders, or own friends, but the heads of the security agencies of the country, the Modi government is also spying on them,” Congress said.

The party asked, “Has any government ever committed a more shameful act than this? Spying till the Chief Election Commissioner of the country, spying on media organizations.”

“That’s why BJP has now become an Indian spy party,” the party said.

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