Helping each other grow is the way of life, says ‘The Holistic Living’ CEO

Social Entrepreneur and CEO of Wellness Platform ‘The Holistic Living’ Sanjeev Mittal, talks about well being and the difference it is making in the lives of people


Sanjeev Mittal, a natural wellness enthusiast, yogi by nature, a visionary corporate professional, and a mentor to many, recently founded ‘THE HOLISTIC LIVING’. He calls this platform as his ‘mission to empower people to take charge of their lives against all odds’.

The Holistic Living has been making a considerable difference in the lives of people who happened to join the wellness platform, and in this context, we ask Sanjeev about his ‘mission’ and its uniqueness among the rest.

First things first. Give us a brief sneak peek into what makes ‘The Holistic Living’?

Holistic Living is basically a group of wellness experts and corporate professionals who joined hands together to create a unique one-stop community wellness platform, to promote 360° wellness and help people live the life of their dreams.

Can you briefly describe the core concept behind this platform?

We conceptualized this platform with a sole purpose in mind; to connect people, programs, and products to improve the overall well-being of individuals.

What’s your personal belief which made you launch this platform?

I firmly believe that everyone has the right to live a healthy, happy and fulfilling life. For me as well as other associated people, Holistic Living is both a passion and a mission to empower more and more people to take charge of their own lives across seven key wellness dimensions, including physical, intellectual, emotional, mental, social, spiritual, occupational, financial, and socio-environmental wellness.

This platform was launched just when Coronavirus-induced lockdown forced people indoors and stress levels increased among people, especially after a streak of job losses. Did you have any second thoughts while launching this?

I know very well that we live in such times when stress, fear, worry, and uncertainty are on the rise in the context of COVID-19 pandemic coupled with the months-long lockdown, but good things ought to happen in such times so as to ignite hope among people. Though ‘Holistic Living’ was launched recently, I am myself a witness to that fact that the platform has had an impactful existence in helping quite a good number of people live the life of their dreams with considerable simplicity and peace.

Coming back to the platform, you offer Life Coaching and other related services. Could you give us some insights of how the experts at Holistic Living assist people deal with their issues?

The certified Life Coaches, Healers, Counsellors and Therapists at Holistic Living pilot individuals into their wellness journey and encourage them to unleash their unique potential across all seven key elements of life – Mind, Body, Soul, Family, Work, Money and Lifestyle.

Our experts help in addressing and resolving life issues like stress, anxiety, weight management, spiritual awakening, career management, building healthy relationships and achieving financial freedom to improve your overall lifestyle and celebrate living.

Is Life Coaching really a need to be successful in the present-day world?

As they say that successful people don’t leave their progress up to chance, instead they grab it by the horns. Hiring a coach these days is more like seeking personal and professional expansion to take charge of the vision one has for his life. In fact, the mission of Holistic Living is to transform the lives of people by all-natural means and help them grow against all the possible hindrances.

Apart from Life Coaching, do you offer any other service to elevate the excitement of potential clients?

Holistic Living doesn’t only let you find a perfect coach but to compliment your wellness journey, it also provides access to life transforming ‘Wellness Events & Retreats’. A wide range of events including online and offline like yoga to meditation, health and weight loss, digital detox to relaxation are offered to simply experience the positive shift in your wellness journey.

Also, Holistic Living has an integrated online ‘Wellness Store’ which provides exclusive wellness products like wellness books & literature, natural beauty and personal care, natural health supplements, energised & healing jewellery, essentials oils, herbal tea and beverages, organic food and spices to take care of your daily wellness needs.

We heard you talk a lot about “7 C’s Advantage” of Holistic Living. Briefly explain the advantages for the existing and potential clients.

The “7 C’s Advantage” is what gives unique recognition to this platform. From Curated Wellness for individuals of different mindsets, Credibility of renowned coaches, Convenience of easy online access, Customer Service with reliable support to Collaboration with the expert coaches, therapists, counsellors, healers, therapists, Confidentiality respecting data privacy and Competitive Pricing, the platform has been no-less-than a trend-setter.

Just a last question, which is also the most important in the present-day context. What keeps you motivated for going for such endeavours?

“लोकाः समस्ताः सुखिनो भवन्तु (lokāḥ samastāḥ sukhino bhavantu) which means ‘May all in the world be healthy, happy, free, and peaceful’ is the core philosophy from which I continue to derive inspiration and make a positive contribution in the lives of people. Being happy is an intrinsic human quality which is achieved in the real sense by helping each other grow rather than being overly attached to fulfilling one’s self-interest.

To connect with ‘The Holistic Living’ visit their website

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