Post 83, Ranveer gets set to pad up for 5 biopics

After the astounding performance as Kapil Dev in 83, Ranveer Singh will be seen in 5 biopics, and 3 of them would be sportsperson tales

Ranveer Singh as Kapil Dev in the recently released Kabir Khan opus 83 was a revelation. The actor’s effort to transform himself into India’s most admired cricket legend was so perfect that he has catapulted into the league of trustworthy actors on whose shoulders any role would ride on.

Playing Kapil Dev was what Ranveer did with perfection, and he literally bowled over the audiences. The performance is now bringing more such serious projects to Ranveer’s table. And a majority of them are biopics.

Ranveer Singh is reported to have been approached by film makers to play real life characters. And it is not going to be one, but five biopics that to roll on.

Ranveer excelled as Kapil Dev in Kabir Khan’s 83

Kabir Khan’s 83 is a film that celebrates India’s first ever Cricket World Cup win and the man who led the country to that fascinating victory. The character was not easy to play, and only an actor who had the will and inclination to learn the cricket legend and the game closely could play such a dream role.

When Kabir Khan picked Ranveer to do that, not many were convinced that he could actually do that. What could have been just a caricature, was crafted and designed by the film maker who had the sense and sensibility to create a film of the epic world cup campaign.

And when Khan entrusted the role with Ranveer, the actor did dive deep into the character, and what he came out with is astounding. Such was the way he played the legendary cricketer, complete with his bowling action, batting style, and even the way he walked, ran, ate, and spoke.

One of the biopics to tell a paraplegic swimmer’s tale

Five more biopics coming to Ranveer does mean that there are high hopes on the actor. The film makers who have approached him are sure to have understood and closely watched him perform.

Of the five biopics that Ranveer would play, three of them will tell the stories of sportspersons. That’s yet another achievement in the actor’s career. One of the proposed biopics, we hear, is on the life of a paraplegic swimmer. Ranveer has a great outing ahead of him post 83, indeed.

Though the official announcements are yet to come by, all those who have watched 83 would now look forward to seeing these projects happen soon.

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