Sneha Tharwani Talks About Dance Fitness At Tappin’ Around

There are two types of people, ones who sincerely go to the gym and the others who just can’t make it to the gym. For the latter, to stay fit many gyms and fitness studios have dance sessions workshops or you can say Zumba which aims to boost the fitness level of a person.

Tappin’ Around is one such name which is completely dedicated to all the dance lovers. The dance and fitness studio offers the best services which vary from the requirements of clients. Moreover, there is no age bar to enrol at Tappin’ Around as people from any age group can join the dance sessions.

Sneha Tharwani, a well-known choreographer is a name behind Tappin’ Around whose only motto is to promote fitness through dance. She is the one who has added EDM vs BDM sessions after Zumba and the form has been popular amongst everyone. The studio has till date conducted more than 300 events and 500 workshops. With having 500 students, it has collaborated with several dancers from the industry.

Sneha Tharwani Talks About Dance Fitness At Tappin’ Around - Digpu

The certified choreographers and fitness trainers have diverse knowledge about dance fitness and they have successfully helped people to remain fit. While Tappin’ Around is located in Khar, it has conducted workshops at several other studios of Mumbai including Tangerine Studios in Khar, The Space in Juhu, The Square in Powai and The World Dance School in Andheri.

An experience of more than 10 years the dance fitness and fitness industry is what makes Sneha a reputed name today. She says, “Dance is the ultimate expression of what people want to say. It not only promotes fitness but also boosts mental health and improves the lifestyle of an individual.”

A perfect mix of aesthetics, theory and fitness is what makes their dance sessions worth attending. Making use of the new age social media, Tappin’ Around posts the dance videos online to reach out to the wider audience. Besides this, the studio also conducts dance classes for sangeet ceremony, reception and parties. To book your session, all you need to do is go to the website What are you guys waiting for?

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