ClinicSpots – Redefining Medical Tourism through an Intuitive Q&A Platform

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New Delhi, India, November 26, 2019 —

ClinicSpots is a medical health information startup with an innovative Q&A platform that responds to the medical queries posted on its portal. It is well equipped to offer a comprehensive guide against the posted medical query in terms of treatment/procedure options, medical treatment and cost options and so on available pan-India. These responses are provided by a panel of medical experts associated with ClinicSpots.

This has been aptly expressed by Founder and CEO, Mr. Pankaj Srivastava, ‘As an online medical health startup, the induction of Q&A platform within ClinicSpots has evolved as an authentic provider of holistic solutions to medical issues faced by our visitors. Over these years, we have been able to build a trustworthy relationship with our visitors who have been extremely satisfied with our holistic approach.’

Most of the patients belong to Africa, Middle East, CIS, and SAARC countries and have been successfully treated for cardiac treatment, cancer treatment including bone marrow transplant, chemotherapy and radiation, cosmetology, kidney transplant, neurological disorders, kidney and liver disorders, hair procedures and many other treatments. These medical treatments in India cost nearly one-fourth or even lesser, of the cost of the same in the USA or the developed countries of Europe. 

ClinicSpots was set up in 2015 with the sole aim of offering a non-invasive interface that connects patients with suitable medical experts and treatment options for affordable and quick recovery. Most of the queries posted are related to lifestyle diseases, cardiac disorders, cosmetology procedures, organ transplants, oncology, IVF procedures, and more.

ClinicSpots - Redefining Medical Tourism through an Intuitive Q&A Platform
Image Courtesy – ClinicSpots

At the first point of connecting, the visitor can browse through the ClinicSpots portal and seek relevant medical information. At the second level, he or she can post a query seeking a response to a particular medical condition. At the third level, consultations, second opinions, and future treatment are discussed in greater detail after the medical reports have been shared through email or mobile messaging apps.

The responses comprise of state of art treatment available, cost estimates, treatment locations and available medical expertise pan India. This enables the visitor to ascertain whether he/she is on the right course of treatment or not and the further action, if essential.

ClinicSpots is associated with JCI and NABH accredited hospitals pan India such as Fortis Hospitals, Max Hospitals, BLK Hospitals, Medanta Hospitals, Saifee Hospital, Nanavati Super Specialty Hospital, Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital and Medical Research Institute. It offers an updated listing of more than 100 top doctors pan India that offer state of the art treatments with their profiles and expertise details. ClinicSpots is constantly updating its database of expert doctors and accredited hospitals in India.

The establishment of Clinicspots, the web-based health-tech portal comes when India’s most emerging sector viz. Medical Tourism is witnessing tremendous growth. This sector has a projected CAGR growth rate of nearly 15% and will comprise nearly 20% of the global medical tourism share in the next couple of years. As per industry reports, medical tourism in India is likely to worth nearly $9 billion by 2020.

The Government of India has provided the required impetus to the segment by easing the medical e-visa norms enabling visa on entry and triple entry visa during the year for short term treatments. Also, it has set up AYUSH to encourage time tried traditional healing modalities such as Ayurveda, Unani, Yoga, and Homeopathy and so on. Furthermore, the emergence of JCI and NABH accredited hospitals implies the hospitals are functioning on par with the highest parameters of healthcare and patient safety.

In the coming years, ClinicSpots is all set to fortify its responsive interface through artificial intelligence applications such as natural language programming and machine learning.  This will offer a high end accelerated user experience coupled with accurate responsiveness, enabling both the patients and the doctors to connect in a highly intuitively manner.

About ClinicSpots

ClinicSpots was set up in 2015 with the sole aim of setting up a holistic portal that offers healthcare knowledge and assistance to its visitors by a panel of expert medical doctors along with assistance in availing medical treatment pan India.  Also, ClinicSpots is committed to emerge as a pioneer of an evolving repository of medico-health information accessible to all for healthful living across the globe through AI-based applications for knowledge management.

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