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Ad Parody – The Creative Mogul Behind Smart Chakra

A few weeks ago, an Instagram page @ad.parody uploaded a carousel post. The post got over 1.5 million impressions and reached over 1.3 million people with just 10 slides. That must have been a brand, right? Wrong.

Instead, it was Ad Parody, a page that thrives on marrying business and pop culture, information and humour, copy and design. To understand Ad Parody, one needs to know its creator, Wubba Lubba Dub Dub which is a new-age meme marketing company. The brainchild of three fresh-out-of-college marketing aficionados—Arihant Jain, Jaidev Kesti and Vivekanand Kilari—Wubba Lubba Dub Dub specializes in viral marketing and has helped several business giants break the internet.

Ad Parody is a contemporary digital property that serves as an extension of Wubba Lubba Dub Dub’s moment marketing philosophy. That means it has a take on everything trending on the internet before anyone else does. What makes Ad Parody stand out is the fact that it focuses on brands and business.

Like other digital properties, Ad Parody had humble beginnings. The page began as a satire on branding and advertising, making use of wordplay, dialogues, lyrics and pop culture references to turn even the most unassuming brands into hilarious visual gags. But over time the overachieving trio of co-founders came to believe that their property could be something more—a page that first makes you laugh and then makes you think. They decided to cater to the age group between 18 and 25, focusing on imaginative content that could break through the clutter.

Ad Parody – The Creative Mogul Behind Smart Chakra - Digpu News

Today, Ad Parody is breaking the mould of social media marketing with content that creates awareness, boosts engagement and drives sales. From templates and tweets to audio and visual creatives, Ad Parody’s diverse range of content is always relatable to their target audience.

Their ability to shatter the internet with any given thing has also been utilized by brands like Durex and Veet and entertainment properties such as Prime Video and Gemini Man.

Furthermore, with its followers including brands, celebrities, agency heads, media houses, content creators and YouTubers, the page has created a cult following that enables it to create, popularize and even resurrect trends. Often, the origin of posts created by popular brands can be traced back to unique formats crafted by the brilliant minds of Ad Parody.

The decision to constantly innovate and transcend the boundaries of traditional content creation has also paid dividends. In a span of just 20 months, the page has amassed over 218K followers. While Ad Parody’s posts reach at least 500K people, they get a minimum of 750K impressions.

However, the highlight of their journey so far has been Smart Chakra—a trending template that took the creative world by storm for over a week in 2019. An original concept inspired by the life cycle, the template presented two ways of facing a problem: prolong it through everyday methods or solve it in a jiffy by utilizing a brand.

Smart Chakra became an instant hit and was replicated over 600 times across the world in a span of 24 hours. Over a hundred brands like Durex, Hotstar USA, Star Movies, Chennaiyin FC, BookMyShow, Godrej Properties, Nicotex, Faaso’s, SonyLiv, Haier India, Pulse, Goodknight India, Tata Capital and Standard Chartered utilized the template to promote their offerings.

The ambitious co-founders, however, believe this is just the beginning. According to them, the next step in Ad Parody’s evolution is a foray into the short-video content format, something they plan to achieve with their entry into TikTok. And if their past achievements are anything to go by, then Ad Parody won’t just be a participant, but a master of the platform.

 So be it brands, advertising or pop culture, Ad Parody has got something for everyone. Irrespective of your tastes, if you’re looking to learn, laugh or link up with budding content creators, then Ad Parody is the page to follow.

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