Venteskraft: A coming of age business venture

Left-Mahin BS, Right-Rahul Rajeev

Delhi, 10 September 2019

There is a popular quote among the international business community, “21st century belongs to Asia”. This is true for the most part since Asian countries have become the driving force of the global economy. India has been in the centre of this driving force and the stock market is its fuel. The stock market of India has been touching new milestone now and then, So much so that it now 7th biggest stock market in the world. We are looking at innovative stock market businesses which not only progress themselves but also support the market too. Venteskraft is one such business venture, which has been proven significant to countless other businesses and has progressed so far that it will soon become among the top ten in India.

Venteskraft was co-founded by Rahul Rajeev Kakkookkal and Sheeja Mahin Balachandran in 2017. The company was registered at Registrar of Companies, Bangalore. It is a coming of age business venture because the way the company works is quite innovative and more approachable than traditional firms related to the stock market. It focuses on a practical approach toward market and constantly tracks those factors which can affect the market either positively or negatively.  Unlike the traditional approach of conducting business over the phone, Venteskraft Company invests its resources to get a personal touch of its client. In fact, its founders Rahul Rajeev and Mahin BS themselves conduct seminars and webinars to have an insightful discussion with young novice stock market trainers and potential investors too. This is like hitting two birds with a single stone as not only it helps trainees who have chosen venteskraft to learn everything about the stock market but also a clever marketing strategy too because lots of top business community attend these seminars. Rahul Rajeev and Mahin BS started as financial adviser and they are stock market experts in the company.

Apart from stock market expert Rahul Rajeev and Mahin BS are social media influencer, writer, motivational speaker, and seminar expert too. A book titled, “Meet your daily expenses with stock market” by Mahin is very popular among the business community of India and recommended to almost every person who is starting their career in the stock market. They got a very talented team of expert who conducts a very meaningful seminar and presentation for concerned audience. Their motivational programs are always jam-packed and tier A people attends them.

Venteskraft India LLP although started back in 2017, within 2 years it has made a mark for itself. The company has grown over to serving more than 50,000 clients. It has been expanded to 13 countries and has made a big impact in India. Both the founders are a very well known name in India, UAE, and Singapore. Venteskraft Company provides training and mentorship to young stock trading beginners. It’s clients include new as well as an established businessman too. People from the Indian movie industry also seek financial advice from it.

The company expertise in helping people navigate through constantly shifting market conditions and their individual life circumstances in order to find a strategic plan that best fits their investment needs. The projection of the company is to be a billion-dollar worth in the next five years. They have also set foot into the media world with Venteskraft Media, now solely dealing with business development program which offers to tutor students in the art of business development and makes a living as business developers. Many students have their own startups in business development, under the mentorship of Mahin.

In the age of internet marketing strategy has changed and people now can look up and verify everything a company claims. Venteskraft takes advantage of the same technology in order to reach its customers. What makes this company so successful is the approach of carefully analyzing the market to make a decision of investment rather than taking the approach of a gamble. It is indeed a game-changer business strategy. By looking at current credential, this company is moving in the right direction to be true global business firm.

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