SeguraMax’s Keep-U-Safe Clothing & Products range can reduce up to 99% of viruses within 1 Minute

This newly launched, first in the world plant-based products range decrease virus in a minute.

SeguraMAX Global LLP is an Indian Startup under ‘Make In India’ formed between the partners of Piranha & Hi-Tech Group. The two companies have been one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of PPE suits to the Government of India and State Governments.

SeguraMax invents KeepUSafe Product range

KeepUSafe product range will be a game-changer in the time to come. This range of clothing and products is made from bio-organics, reduces the virus to up to 99%, and that too within a minute. People today are exposed to viruses and can get cross-contaminated from virus-infected surfaces. With the KeepUSafe technology, we can now perform our day-to-day activities without the fear of being infected by the virus, thus, helping us regain our lost confidence.

“E-commerce companies can ensure higher safety of their delivery staff as well as their customers by use of Keep U Safe clothing line up like jackets, gloves, masks and courier boxes & bags which can self-reduce virus from the surface,” says Mr Gaurav Khullar, Director Product Development.

These products can also be used by corporates, government employees, public dealing personnel like airport staff, policeman and most importantly health workers who frequently come in direct contact with infected individuals and surfaces.

“We are excited that there is a multitude of possibilities that our KeepUSafe technology brings to the table. Currently, we are holding meetings with Material Engineers & Product Managers from various organisations globally who are keen to make the most of this revolutionary technology. We are the first company in the world to have tested a natural plant-based coating with an outstanding performance of virus reduction rate of up to 99% in 1 minute.

The products have been tested for up to 15 washes and have maintained its effectiveness” says Sidharth Sareen the Technical Director who is also an Honours Degree Holder in Chemical & Polymer Engineering and has worked as a scientist with various organisations like Reserve Bank of Australia & Montell Polyolefins, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research and holds patents in various innovative technologies.

The endeavour is to promote #localforglobal and #aatmanirbharbharat

“I used to travel for business internationally for 100 days a year. The virus has increased the fear of travelling and is hampering work. With products like these, I would be more confident and comfortable while travelling. We are looking at not India market but the world as a whole, making us truly #localforglobal with our products.

We are in talks with many global companies in Europe & USA, especially in the E-Commerce, Travel product manufacturers, Garment retailers & Airlines businesses.” says an ecstatic Mukul Sareen, Director- International Business Development.

Proud of their invention, Anurag Khanna, Head of Marketing adds, “We have innovated a World First 32 pocket Traveller Jacket integrated with travel products such as airline or taxi seat covers, suitcase and suitcase handle covers, gloves as well as facemask all made with KeepUSafe Technology.

All these products would help to reduce the pathogens on the surface of the protective wear and make the user feel safe and fully-protected. We aim to instate our vision for #aatamnirbhar by developing technologies dedicated to the development of our nation”

Proper Testing to establish efficacy

The products have undergone extensive testing for virus and bacteria reduction, reusability, and effectiveness after multiple washes. It has also been tested for US FDA 21 CFR 177.1520 for Safety in Food Contact Packaging by SGS lab.

Virus reduction tests have been performed at BTS Labs as per ISO 21702 & AATCC 100-2012 and Bacteria reduction tests ISO 22196 by Intertek Laboratory. The company claims the above products to be protective wear only and not medical devices does not guarantee against infections and is certainly not a cure. For more information, write to [email protected] or visit

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