PUBG Again! Scolded by parents, sibling runagates held in Ramban

As a result of the unrest and lockdown, children in Kashmir have lost their friends, school and education. They are largely moving towards smartphone addiction.


Two siblings were held by the Jammu & Kashmir Police after they ran away from their house in southern Kashmir. The duo was reportedly stopped by their parents from playing PUBG Mobile game.

As per details reaching here, a brother-sister duo ran away from their home in Keller area of Pulwama district after being scolded by parents for being glued to smartphones and playing PUBG Mobile game.

The young siblings were captured by policemen in Ramban area of Jammu on August 11 (Tuesday) and were later handed over to their parents.

A police officer from Jammu, Haseeb Ur Rahman also tweeted about the same incident. He wrote, “#PUBG WARRIORS ON RUN # Ramban police has apprehended two siblings, a brother and a sister r/o killer Pulwama who had run away from their home after their parents had scolded them for wasting their time on #pubG # shall be handed over to their parents tomorrow !”

Digpu tried to contact their parents for their comments, but they preferred not to talk on the matter and requested not to reveal their names. However, a neighbour of the family said that the siblings were apparently enraged after being stopped for laying hands on a smartphone, which they used for playing games.

“Children have become very irritated as the lockdown induced by COVID-19 has snatched their schooling, education as well as their school friends. It is either a Television or a smartphone which is now their source of entertainment,” he said.

Another local, Janzaib, opined, “I keep on hearing about this PUBG game. This should be banned once and for all. It has made the life of a parents very difficult as children have become addicted to it.”

Experts say that the proliferation of the internet-based services has given rise to habits like browsing social media feeds without paying attention to what is happening around you.

PUBG Again! Scolded by parents, sibling runagates held in Ramban - Digpu News

Many experts say that giving your child a smartphone is like giving them a gram of cocaine. Parents need to be aware of online gaming addiction and should monitor their children’s online activities.

“Games like PUBG causes adrenaline rush and excitement. Playing it for long periods with adrenaline rush due to an alternate reality may be too much for the heart to take and can cause cardiac events. Addicts are unfazed by reality and can even lead to fatalities,” says a doctor, Irfan Ul Shamas, posted at District Hospital Pulwama.

He advises, “I appeal children to stay away from such binge games and rather indulge in outdoor activities and sports which are truly healthy. For parents, they should encourage their children for healthy activities right from outset.”

To get rid of smartphone addiction in general and PUBG in particular, Irfan Ul Shamas recommends, “Play-way method of education at home during the lockdown period needs to be focussed on. Parents need to spend time with their children and involve them in physical/outdoor games besides indoor games like Carrom. Also, they should consistently inform their children as to how smartphone addiction affects their health.”

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