Encanto soundtrack enthrals the world; all songs make it to Billboard Hot 100

Disney film Encanto is ruling the music scene with all the songs in the flick finding their place on the Billboard Hot 100 chart

Encanto, the latest animated flick from Disney, had been accepted by audiences across the world with a huge round of applause. The film directed by Bryon Howard and Jared Bush and co-directed by Charise Castro Smith, has gone on to garner $100 million on the domestic circuit in the US. The film did well in terms of a box office success during the pandemic era.

Making waves along with all the other aspects of the film is its sound track.  Each one of the songs in the film has been a charmer, and they all have set a new record together. All the songs in the flick have found their place on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

The film had debuted in November last, and the songs are carrying on the success of Encanto by way of find their place on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The film was release on OTT too in December, and it had made itself a viral property on the streaming scene.

Encanto song surpassing Frozen’s ‘Let it Go’

On top is everyone’s favourite ensemble number “We Don’t Talk About Bruno”. Encanto’s music is now so successful that “Bruno” is seen rising over Frozen’s “Let It Go”, which was a phenomenon when it landed.

On February 7, all the songs made it big on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, said a report. While “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” is on number one position, “Surface Pressure” is at number 8. “The Family Madrigal” comes next at number 20. “Colombia, Mi Encanto” has also found a place down below in the chart.

Lin-Manuel Miranda penned the songs

Penned by Lin-Manuel Miranda, who is a regular with Disney, the songs are awesomely entertaining, and that explains the Billboard positions. Miranda had earlier made music for hit movies such as Moana. He is set to charm yet again with his music in the soon-to-come live-action adaptation of The Little Mermaid.

A movie that has been loved by audiences cutting across age, race, and gender, Encanto narrates the tale of Mirabel Madrigal. When the Madrigal house starts to see its magic fading away, Mirabel could be the only saviour. It is Mirabel’s story that form Encanto, and its much loved music.

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