Success Story Of Bokaro Boy Indrabhuwan Kumar Singh

According to Indrabhuwan, his book talks about personal productivity, personal social development, and professional and leadership development.

Why go through all the trouble of working hard and being successful if it won’t make you a happier person? That is the question noted author and motivational speaker Indrabhuwan Kumar Singh asks of readers in his new book ‘The New Ways of Self Transformation: A Guide to new systematic behavioural change’.

Published in Dar Es Salaam, this engaging e-book tells of the successful entrepreneur and businessman’s personal struggle for happiness in his out-of-control life. The book delivers a proven program of mastering habits, mindsets, and other internal processes, which then delivers the ability to quickly and painlessly anyone to change their unwanted habits to new and wanted habits.

In it, Indrabhuwan reveals the secrets as what it takes to unlock the power of your mind for a truly extraordinary life experience of your choice. He further adds that once you master the internal world, the external world is hardly a problem. One deserves to be happy and his e-book, The New Ways of Self Transformation, delivers a tried and true, proven pathway to happiness. This book has practically proven results which transformed Indrabhuwan life taking him from a middle-class family of Bokaro Steel City of Jharkhand, India to becoming the CEO of a renowned business at Metl Agro Limited at Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.

Success Story Of Bokaro Boy Indrabhuwan Kumar Singh - Digpu News

A Transformational Guide

According to the author, some of the prime topics covered in this book include personal productivity, personal social development, and professional and leadership development. Others are the one that covers topics describing the development of skills that benefit human capital, employability, improve quality of life, promoting the realization of dreams and aspirations; and much more.

Indrabhuwan through his book has guided a path that leads to a transformational mode, where one helps himself by finding his path in the secret of self-knowledge, meditation, service to others, goodness, balance and freedom. He says true happiness comes from learning to be, getting in contact with your inner-self, helping others and living a balanced life.

The book redefines success, proposing that it is measured in happiness and not in assets. But far from suggesting quick-fix prescriptions, this book, written as an easy-to-read novel, uses stories, anecdotes, analogies and humour. It is now available only on Amazon Kindle where its e-book is priced at just $1.00 and $8.00 for paperback, to make its reach available to masses.

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