Reshu Singhal – Tuition Teacher Turned Marketing Video Expert

Singhal pulled the graphs of many businesses towards growth with her highly converting sales videos.

A Creative mastermind, Reshu Singhal discovered her passion for video creation and never looked back. She grabbed every opportunity that came her way to make her name in the world of Sales & Marketing Videos.

She is famous for her utterly different approach to making videos. Her videos are always made, keeping in mind exceptional sales and marketing strategies to make them convert and get the desired result.

On asking about her style of creating videos, Reshu Singhal says, “A Converting Video is any day more attractive than ‘attractive’ videos.” She further adds, “There is a very thin line between a Converting Video and an attractive video. We should know where to stop. We often forget in the whole process of making a video that the ultimate goal of making it to get results out of it not to brag our animation skills. People today focus more on ‘what animation to add to make it more appealing’ instead of thinking that ‘how can I make my product, the King of the video’. My focus on making any video is to brag the product, not the animations and transitions and effects and everything else.”

Singhal Used Camtasia and Pixabay As Resources

Reshu states that the real reason behind her success was her attitude of making the best out of what she had in hand. She says, “Being skilful is important but being resourceful is what will take you to the next level in your career.”

She tells that when she made her first sales video all she had in her hand as resources were – Basic knowledge of Camtasia (a video editing tool), Pixabay for graphics resources and reference of some sample videos. The Project did more than 68 lakhs in revenue in just 7 days.

Reshu Singhal started with her journey in 2017 and to date, she has been highly successful in generating a revenue of more than 5 Million. She has founded her own Sales And Marketing Video Creation company, Proyah where she has accomplished more than 500 projects to date. She has launched StockKosh and AdsCrisp software in the market which generated a revenue of more than 3 crores.

Reshu takes pride in saying that she has helped more than 100 businesses to grow through videos and is also a toastmaster who has won various awards for her motivational speeches.

Changing The Perception Towards Marketing Videos

She also shares that in all the events she has gone so far to share her experience with sales videos, she has realised that people have a completely different perception about this profession. They think that learning how to make a video is rocket science and not everyone’s cup of tea. While they have full faith in Drop-shipping, Facebook Ads, SEO that they will generate them a lot of money, they hardly consider making videos in the same category. For them, it is a skill which takes a lot of time to learn.

Reshu aims to break the myth by saying that all the skills take an equal amount of dedication and effort to be learned and achieve perfection into them. If you want to be an affiliate, you will have to create your audience who follows you, who trusts you, and that takes years. For FB or Google ads, it takes months and sometimes years to run them profitably.

She further adds, “Very few people understand that knowing how to make a converting video is not known by many and in that case, you have the probability of having high demand in the market which ultimately means more clients. It is not just equally profitable as other skills but also something which is required by every single business on earth today. Videos are the heart of marketing, and knowing such skill is like doing a favour to all the business owners, entrepreneurs and marketers out there who are trying to win the digital game.”

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