Todayq launches cryptocurrency course to educate new users

India-based cryptocurrency & blockchain startup Todayq launches a cryptocurrency course for beginners to educate them in detail about cryptocurrency.

Todayq is the brainchild of Varun Goel, a 19 years old blockchain & crypto enthusiast. Todayq aims to educate each & every person who wants to learn about cryptocurrency. “Understanding the problem, which a new user faces while entering into cryptocurrency like reading random articles or watching 100s of random videos to learn cryptocurrency, made us work on this simple solution,” says Varun Goel Founder, CEO at Todayq.

“With decentralization & complete transparency for each & every person blockchain is the leading innovator in the internet world. A big example of cryptocurrency defines its potential. The way money is decentralized, has been made secured and is accessible by anyone/anywhere shows the upcoming change in the finance sector. The potential of blockchain & cryptocurrency is way more than we have yet imagined” he added.

One of India’s most transparent & trustworthy cryptocurrency & blockchain-based startup, Todayq’s cryptocurrency course focuses not only on letting new users understand cryptocurrency, but also showing them the profit/loss side, helping them adopt a mindset before investing their money & from using legit/top-ranked exchanges to avoiding scams & staying secure.

Making Crypto work for Indian users

Understanding the Indian market, Varun said, new cryptocurrency users in India want a trustworthy & easy solution to understand cryptocurrency. Therefore, we created the course in this way that even a 15 years old can understand it. The course is a 6-day high-performance program in line with Todayq’s core values – transparency & trustworthiness. The course was in the testing period till June 2020 & after receiving a great response from the users, it’s now available for everyone.

Maximising profits & minimising losses

The launch of the cryptocurrency course fuels Todayq’s ‘New to Crypto’ movement. Since its inception in 2017, the company has offered its resources and experiences to the crypto community. One of the main reasons a trader loses money in cryptocurrency is a lack of technical & fundamental knowledge. Todayq collaborates with expert crypto analysts to provide crypto traders ease in making the right investments. To make analysed crypto trading signals available for every crypto trader, Todayq shares it for free on its iOS & Android App.

Long term vision & clear goals of Todayq

Varun said, “I am not a technical or fundamental analyst, I am just a 19 years old guy with love for blockchain & cryptocurrency. The idea behind starting Todayq was to build a community of expert analysts who can help traders to have a profitable journey in cryptocurrencies.” On asking about the course, “In the quarantine period, when we saw people showing interest in cryptocurrencies, we worked out on best solutions & that’s how we came up with our New to Crypto Course.”

While cryptocurrency has already got a green signal from the Indian government, companies like Todayq & more are also helping the government to bring the right regulations for the country.

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